If Christina Aguilera’s Looks Could Kill

Christina Aguilera using phonograph

Observing events at the Fashion Rocks concert on Thursday night, Ben Widdicombe of The New York Daily News reports, “ demonstrated a look that could reverse global warming when a hapless minder stepped on the train of her Elie Saab gown as she was approaching a Style Network crew.”

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3 thoughts on “If Christina Aguilera’s Looks Could Kill

  1. WaneInTheZone says:

    Hilarious. Christina’s *supposed* to be such a humanitarian, and this big people person. Yet she’s really the type of person who’d throw a baby in a puddle to avoid getting her overpriced, glitzy hooker heels wet on a rainy New-York day. Let’s not forget the overpriced, production she called a wedding to her slightly retarded, mute, arm-candy “fiance”. With a budget that could’ve fed a small country for a year. The woman who speaks out against abuse on a regular basis, yet has no battered woman charities. She’s only made one appearance at an event for battered woman. It apparently is only a topic worth discussing on filler tracks for her horrid “throw-back albums”.

  2. Mimi4Lyfe says:

    I’ve been sayin she’s a b*tch for the longest, but her fans will deny this again

  3. Xnobodys-perfectX says:

    all three of you are so f**kin retarded…..’, ‘go to Christina’s web site and see all the charities she supports and gives money to.

    I’ll make it easy for uz…..’, ‘1. 1736 Family Crisis Center 2. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence 3. The Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh 4. Refuge (UK) 5. Kerry Refuge and Support Services 6. National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations 7. M*A*C AIDS Fund 8. AIDS Project Los Angeles 9. missingkids.com 10. Defenders of Wildlife Christina and Britney give a lot to charity they not like Paris Who makes money from Charity

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