Immediate Reaction To Spears’ Single – Boring/Mixed

Following the leak of Britney’s I’m A Slave For You, many appear to be disappointed with the song… though some like the direction Britney is heading. On the message board, grandaddy says, “It’s… boring? Honestly i can see why Oops was so popular, because it was so catchy, but this?”

HotStuff113 adds, “hmm i don’t like is boring. i expected better.”

On the LiveDaily board Britina states, I’m disappointed. I don’t like this song at all. Her vocals are really bad…she doesn’t sound “mature””

Some appear to like the track though and do think the song is catchy, as PopFan states, “I like it BECAUSE it’s not catchy and typical POP fare. It’s nothing like OOPS or BABY which is a good thing you guys, it means she’s improving and progessing as an ARTIST.”

What do you think? Post your comments below.

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