In Defense Of Christina Aguilera

Contributed Anonymously:

I’m writing this essay in regard of the way people in general talk about . This is going to be blunt and incisive. To all of you that make up these dull and pre-school names for Christina (i.e. Ho-tina, Slutina) trying to degrade her, grow up it only makes u look stupid and dull-witted. Furthermore if you people doing that are fans of Britney Spears, you really need to look at your idol because she’s the one deserving of those titles. Sorry, but anytime you have to simulate masturbation and sex on your tour to get attention (that might I add isn’t working), you have a reached a new level of degradation and desperation.

Christina makes one video that’s over a year old and she’s the big ho, I don’t think so. Britney on the other hand keeps holding on to the ho look and she’s this great performer, nope not at all. As for the comments Christina makes about other artists…So what? Everybody has an opinion and she speaks her which is exactly what some of you are going to do about this essay. But her thoughts about Britney are true. Britney is just another entertainer, there’s nothing special about her except her erratic behavior, her music isn’t particularly interesting, her image follows the same pattern of Madonna except not as interesting as Madonna’s.

True her albums go to number 1 but after those initial few weeks interest is lost and her albums are forgotten. Unlike Christina who stayed in the Top 100 for over a year. That alone sets Christina a part from any other pop star of her generation. Not even heartthrob Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC could stay in the Top 100 for a year.

To people that are fans of Beyonce Knowles, Christina never really dissed her, she just pointed out the obvious that Beyonce did for a while lip-synch all her performances. I know Christina likes Beyonce because she has said good things about her, so I think that was Christina’s way of calling out to Beyonce to tell her to stop it before Beyonce became reduced to being compared to Britney. This call of Christina’s was answered by Beyonce at the Grammy’s this year and for those people who said that Christina was jealous of Beyonce, Christina had nothing but nice things to say about Beyonce’s performance.

As for Pink coming back to TRY and diss Christina, that’s just lame. Pink just needs to hang it up and kiss her career goodbye or get a TV show and do a Jessica Simpson to revive her career.

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