In Response To Janet Jackson Damita Joke

I read the Damita Joke article and was disgusted. Janet Jackson is a phenomenon. Janet has always opened her heart. I never read any articles as to where she was a diva or anything. Janet always donates money from her tours, visits the sick dying of AIDS, shows support to the gay and lesbian communities. However people seem to forget about that. She opened up about her sexuality and now she is a sexual driven slut? Sexual themed lyrics are taken over the radio, and it’s no longer taboo to talk or sing about. Anytime Janet performs to promote her album, every article comments on the breast situation. HELLO IT’S OLD NEWS.

Janet Jackson’s music has and continues to touch people lives. There are many songs in Jackson’s catalog that you can turn to when you feel low. Janet has might not sold over 100 million like her peers Mariah Carey, and Madonna, but Janet has longevity. I also believe she is more recognized than them as well. She is a trendsetter and still has proved she can keep up with the new acts. Yes now her record sales are slumping due to a bad stunt. However her album still debuted at #2 with 380,000 albums sold and that was without a Top 40 single. Janet hasn’t lost her touch. She isn’t getting any press due to the Super Bowl. Mind you, the Super Bowl isn’t a family show. It’s a man’s show. MTV doesn’t play her videos or promote Janet anymore because they produced the half time SB show and they can no longer work with the NFL. Not to mention the shady comments they make towards Janet every now and then. Its like celebrities aren’t allowed to make mistakes. No one is perfect. However, Janet didn’t strip herself it was Justin Timberlake. What would have happened if 50 Cent did that to Britney Spears?

Over Janet 20 year music career she has won:
12 American Music Awards one was for Award of Merit
24 Billboard Music Awards one was for Artistic Achievement
5 Grammy Awards
10 MTV Video Music Awards
9 Soul Train Music Awards
2 MTV Movie Awards
1 Academy Award Nomination
17 BMI Awards
6 Billboard Music Video Awards
60,000,000+ Albums Sold Worldwide
10 #1 Billboard Hot 100 Singles
68 Gold and Platinums Album Certifications
Countless Humanitarian Awards, Entertainer of the Year Awards
Pop artists following her paths: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Destiny’s Child, Mya, Jessica Simpson, Aaliyah RIP, Christina Milian, and Ashanti.


I will end this article quoting Janet’s interlude during Tuesday nights BET Award Show. “Life is strange one day you’re adorned, the next day you’re scorned. How do you handle the confusion? Where do you put the frustration? I know a place. A place that lifts the fog and eases the pain.”

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