In Response To ‘Fan I.Q. Check’

Okay first of all that was a seriously bias essay, but we’ll leave that alone for now, because obviously there are morons on both sides. I am a Britney Spears fan, and I do not fit the description you assumed all of us fit into. I am not stupid enough to try and say that can’t sing, I know that she has range and can hit those notes. And yes I know that even my ‘idol’ has praised her vocal abilities. But I prefer lighter music, something that I can just enjoy without having to think about serious issues like sexism.

The Britney fans that you described do not represent us. They are an embarrasement. And don’t think that we don’t know that, just because they like the same singer as us doesn’t mean we don’t see their immaturity. But the FEW people that you described who call her a slut or untalented and can’t back it up or people who say things like ‘Floptina’ ‘Skanktina’ etc. should simply be ignored. They are obviously not old enough or intelligent enough to have a conversation so why do you bother? I don’t talk to the Christina fans who say ridiculous things like ‘Flopney’ , just ignore them.

Who someone likes does not show they’re I.Q., only someones comments do that and there are idiots on both sides of this on-going arguement.

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