In Response To Nick Carter And JC Chasez Comparison

I am a Backstreet Boys and especially Nick Carter fan, but I respect *NSYNC. I’ve been coming here for a few weeks now, and at first the degrading comments towards both bands bothered me. Then I finally realized that the hate is not for the bands as much as it is for each others fans. As far as I am concerned (and I have said this before) The Backstreet Boys success opened the doors for *NSYNC, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and so on, but the success of *NSYNC, Britney and Christina have kept those doors opened for the Backstreet Boys! I just thank god that these bands will go on regardless of all of your disrespect! I hope JC does well, and I hope the Backstreet Boys’ new album rocks. I just think of those who hate boy bands period, and when they read the lack of support you guys give one band or the other, you just confirm their feelings!

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