In Touch’s O’Neil: Don’t Blame Us For Bennifer Breakup

Are tabloids, celebrity magazines, entertainment shows and newspaper gossip columns contributing to the downfall of Hollywood relationships? FOX News profiled the tabloids, and cited and Ben Affleck’s nixed marriage and subsequent split. “She had the nerve to blame the media for the collapse of the actual marriage,” said Tom O’Neil, senior editor at In Touch Weekly. “They deliberately do these things and then blame the media for breaking them up. … I’m sure [the tabloids] do have an effect on couples, but the blame lays completely on the celebrity. They are totally in charge of what goes on.” Read more.

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5 thoughts on “In Touch’s O’Neil: Don’t Blame Us For Bennifer Breakup

  1. ihatehilary says:

    breakup Hilary and Joel next please!!

  2. hooker says:

    I agree, more on the stars fault, ‘cos, these stars will feed their daily updated news on them, using the media/press, without a doubt!! Truth to tell, it’s the media and press, who have more access.

  3. shunny says:

    i wouldn’t say all their fault but I will say I wouldn’t want to exchange places with them.relationships are har enough with out aomeone reporting your every move interpreting your every action.look at how they do Nick and jessica,brad and jen.if they smile for the camera they’re faking it if they don’t they’re near divorce.its like you have people wanting you to fail so they can have a juicy story.

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    your comment makes absolutely no sense at all.

    It’s common knowledge that EVERY artist no matter how true to themselves they want to remain, has to use the press. Obviously, some do so more than others depending on the level of their celebrity, the number of projects they have, the average age/income level of their followers, and pressure from Hollywood execs for exposure. Hollywood is very calculative. What stars say most of the time though is; Yes, there is a time when I’ll be more than glad to pose for a photo. Yes, there are times I’ll give you exclusives. Yes, I will most certainly go to places where I can be seen and expect to have my picture taken (The Ivy, Koi, etc…) But, if I’m giving you this much freedom, this many inches of material all the time, why the fu** are you still following me, causing near accidents, and making up sh**?

  5. jeepgrrl says:

    Have you ever noticed…’, ‘How celebrity couples are always holding hands whenever the cameras are around? It’s very staged looking. No one in real life walks around holding hands with their significant other all the time. Yes, I think most of these celebrities would be devastated if the press stopped following them. But ultimately, it’s the public’s choice to buy these rags, and if they would stop, we wouldn’t be subjected to all the stupid hand-holding pictures. Not to mention the sordid gossip.

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