Ingrid Michaelson Is Thankful For ‘Everybody’ Success

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@ingridmichaelson) on Wednesday (August 26), talking about the sales success of her fourth album ‘Everybody’, which came out Tuesday. The New York based indie pop singer songwriter tells readers:

Yesterday my self released album (under my own label, Cabin 24), EVERYBODY reached number one on the iTunes charts. I can not believe it.

Thank you to Original Signal and Universal Motown, the labels that distribute and market my album.

Thank you to everyone who bought, tweeted, blogged, plogged and smogged.

Thank you to anyone who posted my neato widget (which you can find on my MySpace).

Thank you to all the radio stations spinning MAYBE and to all the people calling and requesting it.

Thank you to my friends and family and management and web people and art people and everyone who supports me for just being plain rad ladies and gents.

Thank you. I am a lucky human. Beyond lucky.


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