Ingrid Michaelson Reacts To Rolling Stone’s ‘Be OK’ Review

Ingrid Michaelson 'Be OK' album cover

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@ingridmichaelson) on Saturday (October 18), reacting to a negative review of her just released third album ‘Be OK’.’s Nicole Frehsee offered a 2 out of 5 star grade, opining that most of the Staten Island singer songwriter’s “ditties are fit for kindergarten teachers” on the disc. Michaelson writes:

In the eye of the beholder

Isn’t it odd. Some people listen to my music (my mother) and think my lyrics are woven tapestries of sheer brilliance. then there are those that find them juvenile.

Read if you dare [review at since removed/relocated]

This profession is not an easy one. You have to have skin like iron. And of course, I know that not everyone will find the simplicity of my lyrics clever and touching, but boring. So it is. Sometimes, the words that sting are repelled by my invisible cloak of confidence. But there are more times when they spray me with bullets and I feel like Swiss cheese.

Put me on some bread with mustard (no meat please) because I am cheese tonight.

But don’t feel badly. The downs make the ups so much better.

peas out

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