Ingrid Michaelson Recoils At Adult Contemporary Classification

wasn’t happy with something she read before going to bed tonight, taking to Twitter to let her fans know about it. She could be referring to a story posted Thursday from the New York Times, which compared ‘American Idol’ winner Kris Allen with “the stuff of adult-contemporary radio” which she was mentioned as one of several artists. Michaelson writes:

Listen 2 the whole CD… don’t sum up an artist on 1 song. Snobs… not you. Reviewers. You write one super poppy song and you are screwed.

Lazy people who pass judgment on an artist’s entire body of work without listening to it. Disgusting. Shameful. Do your job.

Enough. I go to bed. All fired up.

I do not aspire to be under the category of “adult contemporary”. Maybe I need more 12 piece horn sections and I should sing slightly off key

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