Inside Michael Jackson’s Secret Rooms

The print edition of the Sunday People has pictures of a secret lair in Michael Jackson’s home that they claim are where Jacko indulges his deeply worrying obsession with children. A concerned ex-staff member says the Neverland Ranch contains walls crammed with dozens of disturbing photos of unknown – and underage – boys partly clothed, and a bedroom for child guests which can only be reached by stairs from the 44-year-old star’s own sleeping quarters. “It’s very disturbing to see these images. A man of his age shouldn’t have a place like that,” psychologist Maria Bullen said. “But because he is so powerful and rich, he seems to think everything he does at his home is justifiable.”

Macaulay And Kieran Mum On Jacko Claims

February 9, 2003 – The New York Daily News reports Macaulay and Kieran Culkin will neither confirm nor deny Michael Jackson’s claim that they slept in his bed at the Neverland Ranch. Reps for both Culkins declined to comment on the assertion the pop oddity made in last week’s documentary ‘Living with Michael Jackson.’

Invincible Sold Out In Manchester UK

February 8, 2003 – Contributed anonymously: MJNEWS reports the confirmation that HMV in Manchester are officially are out of stock on copies of Michael Jackson’s latest album, ‘Invincible’. HMV said that they had put more copies up on Thursday due to Invincible sales increasing. By Saturday morning they were sold out. They said they’re hoping to get more copies of the album, which should arrive soon. This is just more great news concerning Michael’s recent album sales.

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  1. yova says:

    when Michael Jackson was gone, a part of my soul is go with him, and his soul is live in me ..
    he’ll always in my heart forever more

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