Insider: “There’s A Lot Of Resentment Towards Mariah In The Industry”

The Los Angeles Daily News talked to a music insider about Mariah’s repeat breakdown so close to the release of Mariah’s movie and album and says many in the entertainment business are upset and rather unsympathetic with her.

An insider told the Daily News, “She might get a sympathy vote, but this is a business and everyone wants to back a winner; she no longer looks like a winner.”

Some question whether the lack of success Mariah was so used to was the true reason for her actions with the insider adding, “She’s been on a incredible roll but then the single didn’t do well, there was bad buzz on the movie. There’s a lot of resentment towards Mariah in the industry. Here is an artist who made it big with scant touring – there’s a feeling she got a bit of a free pass because her ex-husband, Tommy Mottola, was the head of a record company.”

Mariah’s album was released yesterday, and no doubt exec’s at Virgin will point blame towards, and justifiably so, to the terrorist assaults on the United States as the reason for weak album sales.

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