Interview With Britney’s Backup Singer reported an interview by ET with one of Britney Spears’ backup singer, Gromyko where he answers the question of Britney lip-synching.

ET: How Long Do You Have To Be Away From Your Families while on Tour With Britney?
GS: It’s crazy but I always manage to contact them whenever I can.

ET: So do you travel with Britney & her entourage?
GS: (Laughs) No, actually the dancers and singers travel on a different bus.

ET: What is your favorite song to do on tour?
GS: Definitely The Hookup or I Got That (Boom Boom). Both are really fun songs that makes you want to get out there and dance.

ET: It has been speculated on since the beginning of Britney’s career, so does Britney really lipsynch on stage?
GS: If you call singing along to backup vocals lipsynching.

ET: Have you ever had a chance to hang out with Britney?
GS: Yes, we hung out a few times before the tour started and she’s very down to Earth and far from being this diva that a lot of people thinks she is.

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