Introducing Lights

Canadian pop singer Lights featured in a documentaryMySpace Music’s Introducing filmed a short documentary about in her hometown of Toronto to find out how she got her start, the story behind ‘February Air’, delving into comics after her move to Toronto, forming her band, performing her first show at The Supermarket, and more. The 22-year-old’s debut album ‘The Listening’ will be in stores on Tuesday (October 6) in America.

“One of the hardest things to do in life is to discover yourself, and in that same time as a musician, one of the hardest things do to is to discover your sound and your pocket and where you belong in music,” Lights explained. “That was the biggest struggle for me, just trying to find out what I did the best. I ended up finding out which one made me the most happy, when I wanted to tell the whole world that I wrote this song. So the first one really began with ‘February Air’. I was so proud of this song. I wrote it on an acoustic guitar alone in this hotel room on Valentine’s Day and I was feeling really down in the dumps.”

Watch it below.

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