Is Ashlee Simpson Telling The Truth?

Contributed anonymously:

Is it just me that thinks that ‘The Show’ ‘SNL’ episode was re-shot. The parts where she is talking about losing her voice are very suspicious; she is with friends in a hotel room, or in a car. We all know her father produces this show and if he wanted to he could shoot some extra parts to go with the excuses they gave. Wasn’t laryngitis, she didn’t seem sick to me, acid reflux? Can it get that bad in a matter of minutes? I’m waiting to see the continuation because something tells me this is just to cover up. Even when she is on the show she is always alone when “suffering” for not being able to sing, is like we can’t really tell where she is. Everything looks fishy to me. But I’ll wait till next week to make my conclusion. What do you think? Did you noticed how her show was a little suspicious and she talked a lot about having voice problems? If the entire world is telling her that she cant sing , even the CEO of her label told her that she wasn’t singing on her demos why she keep insisting that she can and the world is just picking on her? She needs a reality check.

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