Is Ashlee Simpson’s Career Falling?

Contributed anonymously:

Let me just say that I’m an fan by force. I think she’s one sided and I can’t help but wonder if her career is based on luck. Ashlee Simpson obviously has it easy. Where would she be if she weren’t Jessica’s Sister? She can’t sing, can’t dance and she’s totally studio’ed. I was watching the VMA Miami, and I was so surprised that she didn’t get booed off stage. Her activity on the charts is so dependent on this idea that she’s living in the shadow of her sister. That’s so not cool. It’s so surprising that people still fall for that crap. She’s using it to her advantage and it’s pathetic.

Now, let’s get to the lip syncing situation. Well, she certainly made a fool out of herself. I will admit that if her career is over because of it, then that’s just sad but I wouldn’t wish that upon her. Still I think she’s learned from it. All the boos and bad feed back she’s getting, is what she should have been getting from the very beginning. I’m just glad that people could finally see her as is FAKE.

The thing that really ticks me off is that there are so many good female artists out there and is getting all the attention, just because her sister’s famous.

She’s really not fooling me with her image. Everyone already knows that she dyed her hair probably because her manager told her too. It’s all apart of the show put on by the record company. She needs to be the total opposite of Jessica, only because she wants people to feel sorry for her. That Kind of stuff sells records. It’s as obvious as and his cry me a river video.

Her song ”La,la”, isn’t all that good and I really hope that she’s not thinking about having a singing career as her life long job.

Her excuses for Saturday Night Live were awful. Acid reflux? Give me a break.

N-E- ways, this is just an opinion poll. Live and let live.

Long live the queen of lip syncing.

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