Is Avril Lavigne Striking A Chord Or A Pose?

Rebecca Caldwell of the Globe and Mail says, “The producers of TV’s soon-to-be-aired Canadian Idol should just pack up their bags. We already have a new Canadian music idol, and her name is Avril Lavigne.” Caldwell spoke with a few of her fans who apparently agree. Siobhan Costelloe, 12, of Toronto says, “She’s cool because she’s so young and she’s got this huge career. I think she’s a role model, because she sings whatever she wants to sing about.” Still, she hasn’t won over all of Canada. Sally Guy, a 14-year-old from Ottawa says, “I think she’s a poser. She thinks she’s a punk and looks like a punk, and then she writes pop music.”

Launch First Headlining Tour

January 9, 2003 – kicks off her first major headlining tour on January 12th in Washington, D.C. in three cities before heading overseas in March to play shows through Europe. She’ll return to America in April, playing small arenas. Read on for a complete list of tour stops.

tour dates:
1/12: Washington, DC, Nation
1/14: Columbus, Veterans Memorial Auditorium
1/15: Kansas City, Memorial Hall
4/15: Cleveland, CSU Convocation Center
5/2: Phoenix, Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum
5/4: Dallas, Fair Park Coliseum
5/5: San Antonio, TX, Freeman Coliseum
5/8: Duluth, GA, Gwinnett Civic Center
5/10: Auburn Hills, MI, Palace of Auburn Hills
5/13: Uniondale, NY, Nassau Coliseum
5/15: Lowell, MA, Tsongas Arena
5/17: Philadelphia, First Union Spectrum

Shaun Robinson’s Wake-Up Call With Avril Lavigne

January 8, 2003 – Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson got a wake-up call with multiple Grammy nominee Avril Lavigne to read off nominations for the 45th Annual Grammy Awards in New York yesterday. They munched on muffins while Avril hoped that when she reads the nominations at the actual awards, she’ll know how to pronounce all the nominees, something she wasn’t about to do when reading them off Tuesday. Avril also said she prefers to wake up at 3 PM, so the early morning announcement wasn’t easy. Video has since been removed.

Avril Lavigne Won’t Dress Up For Grammy Awards

January 8, 2003 – Katrillion asked Avril Lavigne if she planned on dressing up for this year’s Grammy Awards, after the Canadian singer scored five nominations yesterday. Avril says, “You won’t be seeing me in high heels this year … (I’ll) probably wear something like I wear everyday.”

Avril Lavigne Says Grammy Nominations Are ‘Pretty Wicked’

January 8, 2003 – MuchMusic caught up with Avril Lavigne after she read the Grammy nominations, getting 5 herself. She says, “I’m surprised I mean I would’ve been freaking out if I had only 1 nomination. I thought I only had 3 and then someone walks up to me and says no you have 5. It’s pretty wicked.” As for her David Bowie last name mispronunciation, she said, “I’ve never done anything like that before. I’m getting up then, and I’m like live on television and there’s like a huge room full of cameras and everyone’s so like anxious to hear it was weird and after it was cool.”

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