Is Britney Spears Apologizing To Justin Timberlake?

Us Weekly spoke with a source close to after reports linked her new song ‘Everytime’, which is rumored to be an apologetic response to her ex-lover of who penned ‘Never Again’, who lyrically criticized “someone” for not saying sorry. “At the time [of the breakup] she felt blame,” the source explained, “but she also felt like a jilted girlfriend.”

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6 thoughts on “Is Britney Spears Apologizing To Justin Timberlake?

  1. XtinaFan says:

    Sure, sure. “Mystic Man” is about Justin. I’ve was so nice on you Oh, is that all I was to you, A pretty face with a name There’s some things you can’t explain, How you went away. I hope you, you will find that special girl And you make her shine I gave you heart and soul All you did was play along Baby boy now you are GONE Oh, Mystic Man, tell me who are you today? Oh Mystic Man Do they know they’re all being played? Oh Mystic Man Baby, tell me what is this? I’m out the door I can’t take no more of your sh** Why won’t the media talk about this song? It’s obvious that it’s about Justin, just look at the Gone reference. Oh right, they won’t talk about this song because Britney never made this song to be for publicity. Which means the media probably doesn’t know about it!

  2. JnChrisFan1 says:

    Ya, I was gonna say that to they probably don’t know much about it since she wrote it during her Dream Within A Dream tour when they broke up and she sang it at a show, it was talked about a little bit, but I’m surprised it wasn’t out everywhere cause its clearly aimed at Justin…..the press would have a field day with this one

  3. EveryoneSucks says:

    This is true. she probably DID cheat on him. I knew she was a whore.

  4. rachel says:

    SHE WROTE A NEW SONG CALLED 42ND STREET. ITS ABOUT JUSTIN, COLIN, FRED, COLUMBUS, JOHN CUSACK, WADE ROBINSON , U NAME IT. IT GOES ” I am open 24/7 just for your convenience please take me back whoever I will be your personal sex slave” SICKENING I TELL YA, SHE DESERVES TO BE BASHED!

  5. effingJTallnightlong says:

    yea bitch, apologize on your knees whore. Justin is better off without her and he’s doing a good job showing the world her real side. Go Justin, slam that bitch for cheating on you even though you loved her so much.

  6. Carrie says:

    The mystery about Britney is that she was infatuated with Justin but not in love. A girl truly in love would of never cheated on her beau. She just felt terrible and missed him once he was gone. To top it off, we all never found out who indeed she cheated on Justin with. Was it Wade Robson or Ben Affleck? or both? We’ve never heard talk again about her having any dealings with Wade but we’ve heard plenty in the tabloids about her having secret trysts with Affleck while he’s been with J Lo. Any of those mysterious songs could be of one of those lovers. I just felt she never loved Justin. He was the one in love with her. She should of been honest and not played him. She’s a liar. All this talk about Justin being this great love of her life. It’s all bull. I don’t buy it. Besides she was too young. Another clue, she doesn’t even have a steady boyfriend and she keeps on talking about marrying her dream guy in 5 years, talking about having a baby, and her psychic telling her she’s going to marry a much older guy. So whose the guy Britney?

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