Is Britney Spears’ Career In Trouble?

Is it just me or does it seem like Britney Spears has been on a steady decline in terms of her career? I’ve been hearing a lot about a Greatest Hits album of hers, but doesn’t that normally mean that the artist’s career is almost over or that they have reached their peak? I mean take Madonna for instance; it seems like everything after ‘The Immaculate Collection’ has been far less successful than anything before it. But it took Madonna a while to release a ‘Greatest Hits’ album.

Britney is only in her 5th year of a career and her 4th album and she’s already on her greatest hits record. For people that say she’s only doing it to end her contract that’s BS. I’m sure she has songs from Britney or ‘In The Zone’ that she recorded but they didn’t make the album. She could easily put those on a record and release that as just a contract filler album. Not to be mean or anything but I was just thinking this, Britney doesn’t have any GREAT singles. In fact I think she only had one number one single and that was her first single, nothing after that performed well enough to be called great.

Even though I personally like Christina Aguilera better than Britney, but I hope her career isn’t over this early. I think she’s a really interesting celebrity and she makes good songs occasionally. I really hope she’s not giving it up to focus on her relationship with Kevin.

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