Is Britney Spears Coming To An End?

I’m a huge fan since she burst out with ‘Baby One More Time’. But in the past year, I haven’t heard any new music from her, only headlines

With album sales topping 85 million and having a few worldwide number 1s, she left to have an family which isn’t wrong. But in a way it is, as it isn’t the same without her. There is no problems with her (like the 03 VMAs). This what I think she should do to get back in the pop scene:

1) Dump Kevin Federline. Everyone thinks he is bringing down Britney which is true. Divorce the that loser and get someone who Sean Preston can look up to

2) Start producing a new Pop album with writers like Max Martin. When he was writing with her, her album would sell over 20 million!!!

3) Perform a duet with none other than … Christina Aguilera. It would sell like hotcakes as you have 2 very different artists.

4) She should clean up her image and have more class.

This is what I think Britney should do, do you agree?

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