Is Britney Spears Suffering From Histrionic Personality Disorder?

New York developmental psychologist Cooper Lawrence has her own theory on what might be troubling , telling The New York Daily News she suspects that that the pop tart suffers from histrionic personality disorder (HPD). “It’s a person who demands to be the center of attention at all times, and when they’re not, it causes them great anxiety,” Lawrence explained. “It’s somebody who, as soon as they meet you, you’re their best friend. She meets somebody and, ‘Oh my god. I’m in love, you’re the one.’ It characterizes high impulsivity, which she certainly is. It’s not just the quickie marriages like with Jason Alexander and K-Fed. It’s the same thing with friendships. You don’t judge somebody’s character. You just all of a sudden take them into your world because it’s very dramatic to do that. Maybe because they kiss your butt enough and make you feel special and wanted and loved as you should be.”

Lawrence also joined in the pile-on of Dr. Phil McGraw, calling the talk show host’s visit to Spears’ room at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center “completely unethical.” She also recoiled at reported plans for Britney’s mother Lynne and pregnant sister Jamie Lynn to appear on the chat show to discuss Britney. “Why on earth does Britney Spears’ mother need to be on Dr. Phil?” Lawrence asked. “There’s no reason for it. She’s somebody who’s seeking out her own fame. … Just the way everyone who’s been around Britney has exploited her her whole life.” Read more.

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One thought on “Is Britney Spears Suffering From Histrionic Personality Disorder?

  1. David D says:

    I agree that Britney is most likely histrionic. The music and film industry are full of histrionic people as it fulfils their need for constant attention and they are often very attractive. I am convinced Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and Angelina Jolie (to name but a few) are all histrionic.

    They all are obsessed with how they look, they are coy etc.

    I have had a lot of personal experience with borderline and histrionic women (co-dependency issues surfacing here) and I can spot them very quickly. Histrionics come on so strong and the extreme attention is out of whack with the lack of emotional connection they can make–everything is always very superficial and shallow.

    These are terrible conditions that wreak havoc on the lives of these extremely sensitive, insecure and often abused people. I also think these conditions are rife and far more prevalent than is thought. The mental health system is so abysmal that they are rarely diagnosed and no facilities are available so it is swept under the carpet. My ex-wife is borderline and it runs right through her family, so these conditions hit very close to home. I have also met two or three of histrionic men as well-though not romantically ?

    As for Dr Phil, he is a disgusting opportunist out to make a buck (just like his mentor Oprah). You don’t help anyone by discussing their most personal and intimate details in front of millions of people.

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