Is Christina Aguilera Coming To An End?

, once a pop star but now fading into a nobody. Here are reasons why this is happening.

1. Flopping songs- After the hit on Stripped she has not had once since. And lets talk about that hit. It was “Beautiful”. Which she didn’t even write or think of! Her slutty act which she did think of was not working. Her album only debuted at #2 and dropped the next week! But only when Linda Perry helped her, she got a hit! Linda helped her on all her hit songs on Stripped. She should be thanked for the big sales, because cold hearted Christina could never think of such a song. After that, she tried going hip-hop. “Car Wash”, a song for a childs movie flopped and got no airplay. “Tilt Ya Head Back”, a pathetic attempt at getting into the popular hip-hip world, also flopped with little airplay. Well, okay, it did good in countries that hardly matter! Not in the U.S. And the song with Herbie Hancock, while Christina fans said it was so good but was never heard of and lost a Grammy.

2. The media doesn’t care about her- Wether her boring appearance or bad songs made this happen, who knows! But it is true, her new album, is not being talked about! The only way she gets attention is to name drop, and it is true. Always about Britney or other young stars, that is the only way she is quoted. Pathetic. And no one writes about her in magazines, which means that no one will buy it if people do, because all the writers want is money.

3. Her attitude- Her attitude has always been a problem. She is pissing off major stars. The latest is Mary J. Blige, who said she was very rude and said I quote: “Britney might not be able to sing like you, but she will last longer because she knows how to treat people”. She has also been rude to her fans. An article right here on popdirt awhile ago said that her expensive fan club was a waste of money! She never updates and there is nothing there. Also, her fans think she takes her time between albums to make them good! Please, she just doesn’t want to do anything. She is rarely seen recording.

4. Her upcoming work- Jazz?? That one word says it all. Who wants to hear that on the radio? No one! It is hard to get pop music on the radio these days, let alone jazz. The clips sounds bland and boring, and of course this type of music is not going to help get her promo. No one wants to hear this, plain and simple.

Now Christina fans will deny all these facts and will turn to personal insults, but believe me, these are pretty much facts, it will be a miracle for her to be a big star again.

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One thought on “Is Christina Aguilera Coming To An End?

  1. irene taylor says:

    christina’s career fading!? what do you cl it when Britney goes frm selling 25 to 20 to 5 down to blackout which didn’t even sell 1 million in the US & and only 2 million world wide!! maybe Christina feels that name dropping is a better ploy than shaving her head and flashing her PRIVATES in PUBLIC!! Britney shld get on her knees & thank the media for hyping her when she was lip synching her way though those pathetic shows at those dinner clubs. the media could not be ignoring Christina because she’s boring or because of bad songs. otherwise, how would you explain Jessica Simpson!? no matter how outstanding Christina’s performances are or how lame Britney’s become the media will always be on Britney’s side. the media will make mediocrity out of greatness & greatness out of mediocrity!!

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