Is IDJ Already Getting Nervous Over Mariah Carey?

Contributed by MariahBasher:

Is it possible that IDJ is already beginning to question the choice in signing Mariah?

Mariah’s second single was originally going to be ‘The One’ and that was not only confirmed by the label but Mariah was even in Japan filming the video. MTV aired her ‘Shining Through The Rain’ special and she was in Japan shooting the video with director Joseph Kahn. The special showed several clips from the soon to be completed video for ‘The One’ including a clip of her getting out of a car and walking through a town square under an umbrella (this exact clip as we will soon learn, was used in the video for ‘Boy’). The special also showed that there were problems with the video shoot because Kahn had not obtained the proper permits and Mariah was unhappy about all of it being so disorganized. Several clips showed Mariah in her hotel room stating that she would not go anywhere until they worked things out (these same clips also appeared in the Making Of the Video for Boy).

Shortly before The One was to be released Mariah placed a call to Roger Friedman indicating she was wrapping up her latest video and it would be for the 2nd single which would be the uptempo, Boy and not The One as had been announced and even detailed in the Shining Through The Rain Special.

At that point her fans were very angry about this decision because the special had already run showing that The One would be the next single. Many of her fans felt that this was a power play with Mariah jumping in and making a personal decision to push Boy over The One and a large percentage of her fans indicated that they thought Boy as a follow up single would fail.

Then came the latest MTV promotion for Mariah in the form of Making of the Video for the new single Boy. The special ended with the debut of the video for Boy I Need You.

Obviously either Mariah’s people missed it or MTV did a poor job of editing because in the Making of the Video special for Boy, there is a clip with Mariah talking about them finishing up the video for The One and not Boy! Also in this special for the making of Boy there were several clips that were showing her in Japan and even the same clips where she was angry about what was going wrong with the shoot for what was once supposed to be The One. There were also several clips with Joseph Kahn. It was clear that something was weird. Why was the new video for Boy also being shot by Kahn and why was it in Japan, and why were they using clips from earlier special where they were discussing The One? There was even a clip with Kahn explaining that the video was not intended to make sense? Things just did not add up.

None of this made any sense until the video aired to end the Making of Boy Special. When it aired and the video was a disjointed series of clips and it all became very clear.

What we were witnessing was not really the making of Boy, it was instead the making of Boy from what was salvagable of the shoot for the One mixed with some new pieces they had created for Boy. The reason they had Kahn talking about how it was not supposed to make sense was to try to head off the questions of why there was no plot or continuity to the video. It might have worked if they had not missed the clip with Mariah talking about wrapping up the video for The One during the special for the Making of Boy I Need You!

Then today, 1/25/03 MTV re-aired the Making of the Video for Boy and it was edited! MTV had completely removed the clip where Mariah had mentioned that they were wrapping up the video for The One. Mariah’s fans noticed this as well and surely it made them happy to see this as they likely hoped that no one had noticed the earlier version where she was talking about wrapping the video for The One.

So all of this begs the question; what is happening inside team Mariah?

The sales of the album have not been stellar and could easily be called poor particularly when you consider the abundance of promotion she has had. The label cannot be happy seeing her fall each consecutive week despite massive promotion. Considering it looked like the video for The One was very close to being a wrap and considering it was being done all the way across the globe in Japan, IDJ had to have already sunken some cash into it.

Is it possible that there is already some of that notorious diva attitude straining the relationship with IDJ? Is it possible that Mariah demanded that The One be dropped and Boy replace it? Is it possible that IDJ is nervous to the point that they told her that was fine but they would not throw good money after bad and would not supply the funds for an entirely new video for Boy and insisted she use the left over footage from The One?

There are a lot of unanswered questions but it does seem that the decision to switch to Boy was very sudden and late into the process and it is clear that the Boy video is a mangled product which was undercut by this rush to get it to the airways.

It will be interesting to see how this all develops. Strange goings ons out of the Mariah/IDJ camp.

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