Mariah Carey Is Something Of An Acquired Taste

Jenny Colgan of The Scotsman shared her thoughts on before the singer performed tonight at SECC. Colgan writes, “She may or may not be able to sing- it’s simply impossible to tell as she warbles and slips up and down her 16 wobbly octaves, thus rendering every conceivable tune equally unidentifiable and unlistenable. Add to this a fondness for cloying songs of the gloopiest order, usually discussing honey or rainbows, and she’s definitely something of an acquired taste.” Read more.

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8 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Is Something Of An Acquired Taste

  1. weebongo says:

    We all new that Mariah completely lost her voice years and years ago, this is no news but funny as hell to read anyway. The Queen of Flops keeps on Flopping, she can do nothing right anymore.

  2. WaneInTheZone says:

    She probably uses the 1 million copies of Charmbracelet she bought herself as a boost to make her appear taller then she really is. I’m not surprised to hear they airbrushed most of her photographs, Being short and chubby isn’t exactly attractive. Her weight goes up and down more than Oprah’s, No wonder their such good friends. They probably exchange information of the latest diets on the market.

  3. ballersfantasy says:

    Jenny seems a bit jealous of Mariah. She’s in for a real surprise when she sees her perform. How can she say her “legs are always three times the length of the rest of her.” Has it ever occurred to her that Mariah has long legs because she’s 5’9 bare foot? My legs aren’t equal to the rest of my body either, because I’m tall too and have long legs. What a dyke.

  4. mikemc says:

    Have you seen your idol Britney, she’s really short and face it, she’s piling on the pounds!!!! Your comment is just ignorant, show me a album cover of a female that ISN’T airbrushed, yeah exactly!

    Maybe you haters should read over this article, not only is this writer completely bias, but half her info is false!! 1. She didn’t marry Tommy Mottola at age 18, she was in her early to mid-20’s. 2. The comment that she “doesn’t do stairs” is pure just plain stupid. At her show in Tampa, I watched her walk down and up stairs so many times!!! Please!!! 3. The “#1’s” cover is not altered, I SAW a video of them shooting that cover and Mariah looks exactly the same, just another fake story this trick is trying to start. 4. The poetry that she quotes as being Mariah’s is NOT, it was created on this website by someone, Mariah never wrote it. 5. Mariah never wore a bikini in the “Fantasy” video. ***I think this “reporter” needs to stop getting her sources from the National Enquirer because practically everything she’s stated in this article is either rumor or just plain bias.

  5. MariahCareyFan08sucks says:

    This reporter is just saying what everyone else is thinking about Mariah. She only has 20 thousand fans left and everyone else points at Mariah and just laughs. She has to be saddened by always being the butt of the joke and always being made fun of as the queen of flops.

  6. ballersfantasy says:

    You mean 20,001 fans? You forgot to include yourself. It’s funny how somebody that hates Mariah so much has already posted comments on this post alone. Not only that, her name is also in you screen name. I hate Avril Lavigne but you don’t see her name in my screen name. What a loser!

  7. fratguynj82 says:

    You are way out of line for even saying that about Mariah! Mariah rock’s and people need to get a grip on reality, Jlo and Britney have “fabulous” voices and do so wonderful, that they need back up! Just because, Mariah has back up singers, they have to follow Mrs. Mariah! NO way, no how is this Sh1t gonna continue, because, it’s people like you guys, who keep Mariah on top and in the news! Thank you thank you very very much!

  8. Crusader says:

    KEEP THE FREE ADVERTISEMENT COMING FOR MARIAH, YOU DUMB HATERS!!!!!LMAO!!!!! Go ahead LOSERS, you just keep on hating on Mariah, because you’re giving her FREE advertisement, publicity, and acknowledgement!!! Please continue, LMAO!!! Mariah Forever!

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