Is It Possible Britney Might Actually Be Over Justin?

Contributed Anonymously:

It’s been two years since Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC and Britney Spears have broken up, and I’m wondering, when will people get over it?

Sure they were the “perfect” couple, a seemingly match made in heaven. Both young, innocent (well Brit was at the time) pop-stars who had started off as friends at 13, and grew up to rule the music industry, but something went wrong. No one is still quite sure what has happened, and magazines went insane trying to find out. Articles apon articles were written about it and what they thought happened. But after awhile, when neither would say, they moved on and played up Britney as the heart-broken girl who still longs for her soul-mate. At first, it wasn’t so bad. What girl doesn’t want her boyfriend back after a 3 year relationship? But still, I’m getting very sick of hearing how Britney is desperate for Justin. That all her partying is an attempt to heal, or that she’s trying to act more “mature” because that’s what she thinks Justin likes.

Is it to much to actually think that maybe she is over him? That she hasn’t been as fortunate as Justin to find a serious someone? Her partying ways are just what a normal 22 year old would do, it’s not a bid to get so drunk that for a little while she won’t be heart-broken. And the matureness is probably just a girl trying to figure her way out in this world, not trying to get someone back. I believe she’s moved on and I think it’s time we do so to. If they are real soul-mates, they will get back together. But all in due time.

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