Is Jessica Simpson Really A Ditz?

Us Weekly quizzed about the reaction she’s been receiving from the ‘Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica’ MTV reality show, which has seen her wonder if Chicken of the Sea is made of chicken, if buffalo wings came from buffalo, and her pronunciation of platypus (plat-a-ma-pus). Jess says, “After I say things, I’m like ‘Oops!’ I know I’m smart; I just don’t think before I talk.” She added, “It’s fun to make people laugh. And it’s fun to laugh at myself.” As for the chicken tuna debate, Simpson admitted, “I was confused because I hate fish, but I love tuna salad, and I thought, maybe, it could be chicken. Now when I walk through the airport, 50-year-old men scream, ‘Is it chicken or tuna?'”

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5 thoughts on “Is Jessica Simpson Really A Ditz?

  1. HoneyRain says:

    Jessica annoys me because while she may not be as dumb as she seems to be, the fact that she ACTS dumb bugs the hell out of me. why is that women feel they have to be shallow, whiny, and stupid just to entertain someone. you don’t see Nick making a fool out of himself or trying to be something he’s not to make the show appealing… of course not when he has a busty blonde bimbo to do that for him.

  2. XxmissyxX says:

    She’s totally playing up the image of the blonde ditz….which makes for great TV. haha. honestly, from what I’ve seen…i don’t know HOW nick stands her. I could never be with someone that acts like a idiot. but then again, HE acts like a jackass, so yeah they’re even! I still like Jessica tho..even tho she’s a spoiled brat

  3. ballersfantasy says:

    Maybe season two will be ‘Divorced: Nick & Jessica.’ I seriously do not see their marriage lasting. Obviously MTV’s editing crew only keeps the good stuff, but it still seems she annoys the hell outta him.

  4. Candee says:

    She’s an idiot just like she portrays herself on TV I like her though. I never thought I could like an airhead. Go figure.

  5. PandaBear2003 says:

    I’m sorry but I do NOT buy the “this is an act” line. I think its a load of crap her dad started to defend why HE as her daddy and exec producer MAKES HER LOOK LIKE A SCHMUCK! Her dad lies and makes excuses and puppet Jessica says what daddy makes her say, since he’s the ventriloquist.

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