Is Lindsay Lohan Heading To Iraq?

Lindsay Lohan says she wants to go to Iraq with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and entertain American troops there. “I’ve been trying to go to Iraq with Hillary Clinton for so long. Hillary was trying to work it out, but it seemed too dangerous,” the 20-year-old actress says in an interview in the September issue of Elle magazine, on newsstands Wednesday.

Lindsay Lohan’s A Thorn In The Side Of ‘Georgia Rule’ Set

A source on the set of ‘Georgia Rule’ tells The National Enquirer there’s good reason Morgan Creek Productions CEO James G. Robinson sent a blistering letter to Lindsay Lohan. “From the first day of shooting, Lindsay’s been a thorn in everyone’s side,” the insider revealed. “That day she was supposed to be on the set at 5 a.m. and didn’t show up until 12 hours later! She didn’t bother to call or make any attempt to explain herself. She just waltzed in at 5 p.m. and acted like nothing was wrong.” Read more.

Close Call With Paparazzi Leads Lindsay Lohan To Vent

Lindsay Lohan apparently sent the following message to on Thursday (August 3): “Almost witnessed 3 kids being hit by paparazzi… Never in my life had an experience as I just did with the paparazzi. I am not kidding, I am shaking, cannot breathe a bit, scared, anxious and sad. If someone doesn’t feel bad, than I will feel bad for myself. It is disgusting what these g-d damn people are doing to me. As well as the people in my life that I work with/for. Its vulgar and I’m saddened for myself. And, ANY of those willing to fall into judging me in any way in the future, or past. Can watch the video tapes that these men/women take of me while they are being invasive towards my DAY off… Which I never have anymore. (Send that to Morgan Creek) G-d Bless. xxl”

Bush Almost Takes A Tumble

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “Hey, did you see the other night President Bush almost tripped and fell down the steps of Air Force One? Did you see that trip? Yeah, looked like Lindsay Lohan on her way to work. I couldn’t believe it.”

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