Is Mariah Carey Pregnant? Friend Says She’s Trying

Mariah Carey in the city

While observing perform at the 15th CLSA Investors’ Forum in Hong Kong on September 25th, an observer noticed a change with the 39-year-old. “Mariah looked great, but she seemed to have put on a few pounds. Maybe she’s pregnant — or at least planning on it,” the source told Life & Style magazine, adding that Carey and hubby Nick Cannon “were laughing, kissing, holding hands.”

Mariah’s pal told the tabloid that the couple have been trying to conceive their first child. “They’ve been trying during their travels, and Mariah has seen her ob-gyn several times recently in California, and not just for checkups,” the source revealed. “She’s talking to her doctor about pregnancy and what to expect.”

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3 thoughts on “Is Mariah Carey Pregnant? Friend Says She’s Trying

  1. Zahria says:

    This is so crazy she is old. I am like this should have happened 10 years ago or more.

  2. laketha says:

    I think they were meant for each other it shouldn’t just be about a age difference okay. so just let them be the cute couple they are…:)

  3. Fanticore says:

    Is there reason for Mariah Carey to deny she’s pregnant while it’s obvious that she is getting fat – sign of pregnancy right? And, she’s old, maybe she doesn’t like publicity.

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