Is Mariah Carey Pregnant? Nick Cannon Says ‘MYOB’

What does Nick Cannon have to say about the rumors of being pregnant? ‘Access Hollywood’ caught up with the married couple at the 2008 Whitney Museum of American Art Gala in New York City on Monday night, where Nick responded to the rumors saying, “I gotta go with what my wife said, MYOB (Mind Your Own Business).” Watch the brief segment below.

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2 thoughts on “Is Mariah Carey Pregnant? Nick Cannon Says ‘MYOB’

  1. LATinA says:

    She knows she’s pregnant

  2. michael taylor says:

    I think Nick should mind his business and remember that he is the one in the spot light not us!!! Stop showing up in public places and go somewhere where you wont keep getting these questions that for some reason you never want to answer. by the way Nick,,,, how does it feel dating your grandmother?

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