Is Michael Jackson Turning To Kabbalah

Jeannette Walls of reports that has been spotted wearing a red Kabbalah string. “Jackson is friendly with Elizabeth Taylor who has studied Kabbalah, and it’s my understanding she got him interested in it,” a source told Walls. “He’s been wearing the red string during the trial, like Winona Ryder did during her trial, because it wards off the evil eye. Looks like it worked.” Read more.

Networks Passing On Jackson Reality Show

June 16, 2005 – The New York Daily News reports a rep for and his family recently shopped a reality series based on their ups and downs during the singer’s child molestation trial – but so far the networks aren’t biting. Spokespersons for FOX, A&E, and ABC say they’ve passed on the project, while CBS hasn’t made their position clear.

Leno’s Wednesday Night Jacko-logue

June 16, 2005 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “Well, the big story, I’m sure you heard today, the Los Angeles police department announced they will no longer arrest famous people who break the law. What’s the point? Huh? … It’s amazing. I mean, they found innocent. They found Robert Blake innocent. O.J. Simpson innocent. The big question now, is Phil Specter still famous enough to get that “get out of jail free” card. … They say, after the jury gave the verdict the other day, Michael Jackson openly wept. That’s what they said. He openly wept in court. Hey, you know, I think it’s refreshing to finally see a a popular male star not afraid to show his feminine side to the public. … And today, Michael Jackson thanked all of those close to him that made it happen. You know, the little people. He thanked them. … It’s kind of ironic when you think about. The only Jackson accused of committing a lewd act is Janet at the Super Bowl. The one we wanted to see. … I tell you, Michael’s family is glad this thing is finally over. Now, they all can go back to hating each other again. … They say Michael Jackson lost 15 pounds during the trial. 15 pounds. Today, Kirstie Alley went out and groped three kids. … Oh, how about the accuser’s mother? What a piece of work, this woman is. Oh, man. And you know, she still doesn’t get it. Did you hear about today? Today, she announced she found a finger in a bowl of Wendy’s chili. … And they’re reporting that Michael Jackson is $270 million in debt. That’s amazing. This announcement was made at the Thomas Mesereau Neverland Ranch. … Now, Michael is so broke now, when he brings boys up to his room — two-drink minimum. … It’s being reported that Michael is going to sign a a big deal to perform in Las Vegas, which would be perfect. The perfect town for Michael, Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. They encourage you to hit on 16. You can double down on 11. … Friends of Michael Jackson say that he can’t help himself. That’s what they’re saying. They’re saying he’ll go back to the same dysfunctional situation that’s caused all the trouble. No, I’m sorry, that’s not Michael. That’s Phil Jackson going to the Lakers. I’m sorry.”

Advice For Jackson

June 16, 2005 – Mike Paul, President of MGP & Associates PR, a reputation management consulting firm based in New York, advises Michael Jackson to get back to making music. “You need to get back into the studio and work those 14 to 16 hours a day, like you used to,” Paul told Reuters. “So, when anyone asks: what are you doing in your personal life? (I am) sleeping by myself, because I’m working on my album, working on my new dance moves. I’m going to show the world – I’m still relevant.”

Letterman, Stewart Joke About Jackson Verdict

June 16, 2005 – Michael Jackson’s trial has been a barrel of laughs for CBS ‘Late Show’ host David Letterman and Jon Stewart of ‘The Daily Show.’ Watch the segment aired on ‘The Early Show’ via below.

Ice Cream For Jackson

June 16, 2005 – David Letterman joked during his Late Show monologue on Tuesday night, “It was so hot [in New York City] that Michael Jackson went out for ice cream by himself! … As you know Michael Jackson was found not guilty on all ten counts. Now he says he wants to just go back to his normal reclusive whack job self.”

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