Is Nick Carter The Younger Generation’s Fred Durst?

Contributed by Pheobe:

Let’s compare star Nick Carter and Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, shall we? Both are arrogant, egotistical, obese, slovenly, disgustingly tattooed “musicians” (yes, I am using the term musician loosely). They have both resorted to using other high profile celebrities for publicity (i.e. Nick used Paris and Willa, Fred has used every female celebrity he was seen talking too) in a feeble attempt to save their fading careers.

Fred Durst is known to be emotionally abusive towards women. Reports have begun to surface that Nick is both physically and emotionally abusive towards women as well. Even Aaron Carter (Nick’s younger brother) could not lie to protect him any longer and admitted the truth, that not only had Nick physically and emotionally abused Paris but he’s physically abused him also. This revelation was later recanted by Aaron. It is believed that the statement was retracted in fear, fear that the abuse would rekindle and become even more severe if the truth ever came out.

Neither “musician” can give a CD away at this point. They’re has beens, that never should have been. They have a lot in common, including Paris Hilton. The socialite has dated and discarded both “musicians” and both are desperately trying to win back her affections. Fred has even tried sending Paris a picture of his penis which may be a clue as to why she broke up with him (size does matter). There is speculation that Nick’s drinking problem was a key factor in the demise of his relationship with the heiress (that and his constant groping of Lindsay Lohan’s boobs). The world will never know the truth in either case.

IMO, Nick and Fred should try dating each other since no one else wants them. That’s how Christina and Jordan found each other, along with Britney and Kevin, and who can forget JT and his hag (Cameron).

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One thought on “Is Nick Carter The Younger Generation’s Fred Durst?

  1. nickstruemissamerica25 says:

    I totally disagree with this article… true Nick has got a little sloppy in his looks and he don’t look like he takes care of himself…but he never tried to get Paris back and him drinking did not have to do with paris either..yes he was sad about the breakup cuz he did like her alot but he got over her really fast..he also would never beat his girlfriend paris just said that cuz she was getting him back for some reason or another…I have met Nick few times the last time was in 02 and he is the sweetest most funny guy I have ever met and I would back his ass up 100% over paris or any other girl that might say ***** about him any day of the year!

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