Is Nicole Scherzinger Too Dominant On ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

Nicole Scherzinger and Niecy Nash at 'Dancing with the Stars'

posed with Niecy Nash backstage before ‘Dancing with the Stars’ aired on Monday night. The pop singer has been so dominant with the judges scoring that there’s talk she could be ruining the show since she’s essentially been a professional dancer her entire adult life. Nicole told her Twitter followers (@NicoleScherzy) afterward:

I can’t believe it!!! I never expected 10’s from DWTS! What an amazing night! I’m just thankful I came out alive! Don’t forget to rock the vote ;)

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One thought on “Is Nicole Scherzinger Too Dominant On ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

  1. Chrystal says:

    Hayden P. was voted off two seasons ago because she had dancing experience. The judges said she had to go because she was a seasoned dancer. They didn’t feel the other contestants had a fair chance. I’m surprised no one remebered that. It’s unfair that that happened to her but Nicole gets to stay on the show.

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