Is Pink Pregnant?

Singer Pink laughs

Life & Style reports is expecting her first child with hubby Carey Hart and will make the news official soon. “This is a dream for her,” a friend told the tabloid. “She’s always wanted to be a young mother.” Another friend added, “She knows they’ll be great parents.”

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10 thoughts on “Is Pink Pregnant?

  1. Tamara says:

    WOW congrats chicky, I hope to still you in Sydney, I’m in Brissy and flying to Sydney in June can’t wait… wow that’s a spin xoxoxo

    all the best WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU !!!! I even got tattoo on my left wrist with P!NK on it wahoo love you long time lol xoxo

  2. gwerhre says:

    I dislike celeb gossip because this isn’t true where is your evidence!!!
    From me P!NK

  3. MONIQUE says:

    I Think P!nk and Carey should have a kid because there would make the perfect parent and would have the most beautiful kids

  4. camila says:

    P!nk is not pregnant, and she said that she is not even planning that

  5. Tara says:

    that’s not true!

  6. pinks number 1 fan..suk that says:

    whatever ok I think there is a chance she might me preggers an as well she has been planning and TRYING for months now and she will love the fact that she is pregnant but tonight I have herd that she WAS 8 weeks pregnant when she lost the baby so feel sorry for her..

  7. mofodc1 says:

    It would seem more likely that Pink got Carey pregnant. Pink is a friggen dude!!

  8. april says:

    It wouldn’t make a difference if she is or not, and she is def no dude! She’s a hot chick who don’t like to take crap!She may have an interest for women, but who cares bout that either, she’s freaking hot no matter what!!! love ya Pink, your awesome!!!

  9. fu says:

    you bitch

  10. lauryn says:

    yes she is good luck Pink xxx

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