Is Sandi Thom A Fraud?

As more and more people wonder how was able to stream a webcast of her performances in her basement to as many as 70,000 people (ie. who paid for the $$$$ bandwidth), chartreuse (BETA) examined the singer’s rise to fame, which seems to have been spurred by press releases and media buzz related to her internet claims, not any organic buzz. They write, “Her P.R Firm is Quite Great who specialize in innovative PR techniques – such as ‘ghost marketing’ (leaving CDs lying around in coffee shops, etc. for people to pick up, by seeming accident, and thus be introduced to artists.)” And a Velvet Rope poster found that Thom signed a contract with Windswept/Pacific Music Publishing… last year. More details at chartreuse, Daily Kos, hypebot, and

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