Is There Too Much Coverage Glorifying Michael Jackson?

‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ fill-in host Kitty Pilgrim asks Joe Garofoli and David Caplan whether the the media has been glorifying Michael Jackson’s death while ignoring his troubled past. Garofoli said that while the entertainment news shows are an appropriate venue, he’s concerned the Jackson story is sucking the oxygen out of other stories on general news programs. Video of the segment at has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Is There Too Much Coverage Glorifying Michael Jackson?

  1. evan says:

    Yes, its obvious that M.J. had a serious addiction problem (drugs, surgery, boys) and the anesthesia induced naps probably killed him. Yes he was an amazing performer whose mass appeal sold more records and more Pepsi than anyone, ever. But Michael was not a musical genius, he was a super talented dancer / singer who hooked up with an equally talented producer / musician in Quincy Jones. M.J used the massively successful collaborations with Quincy to create so much wealth and fame that he could insulate himself from consequence and reality while still remaining super popular around the world, its insane. And now the insanity that consumed his life follows him in death with the 24/7 Michael Jackson news ticker strewn across cable news updating the world with speculation and rumors disguised as “breaking news”. I’m hoping that with the conclusion of the memorial service the news cycle will get back to normal and I can watch CNN without being subjected to Corey Feldmen’s retrospective on M.J’s life. But I guess if the American media doesn’t get its collective head out of Michaels posthumous ass soon there’s always the BBC.

  2. Tom says:

    As a 100% disabled Gulf War Veteran I had the opportunity to see Mr. Jackson twice in concert both times in Los Angeles back in the early 80’s. I did enjoy the shows and some of his music. And while he dedicated his life to his entertainment career, countless others I.E. veterans have given there lives for the very country Mr. Jackson made his mark on the world. Put into perspective, my only wish would be to see a week’s coverage of one soldier who died serving his country with media covering 100% of his or her death. Life’s funny isn’t it?

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