Isn’t It Obvious Already That Christina Blows Britney Out Of The Water?

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It’s funny when you log on to popdirt because this must be a site where the sorry fans go to defend her against the four time Grammy award winning, Christina Aguilera. Come on people let’s face it, Ms. Aguilera has way more talent, sex appeal, and overall realness than Britney. Ms. Spears last album didn’t do to well and neither is this one. Britney’s first single didn’t so well, ‘Toxic’ barely was a smash, and ‘Evertime’ only gets played on pop radio stations. Christina has more crossover appeal and both teen and adult audiences like her. Britney’s music is just a fad. She could never sing ‘Beautiful’ or ‘The Voice Within’. Christina’s music is the truth and you never here Christina apologizing for what she does, but every time you turn around, Britney is always saying sorry to a 12 year old kid’s mother. The recording industry and all artist no it. Christina is longevity, unlike Britney, who is here today and gone tomorrow. All Britney Spears fans get over it, she’ll never have a Grammy and she’ll never be considered a true artist (lip synching) like Christina. Stop hating and worry about why Beyonce Knowles is giving Britney a major butt kicking on the charts, popularity, and performance. Beyonce is the new it girl, Britney is so over. Oh one more thing. ‘Stripped’ sold 20 million albums world wide. Britney who?

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2 thoughts on “Isn’t It Obvious Already That Christina Blows Britney Out Of The Water?

  1. lindsay says:

    i know this is old, but i HAD to comment. if christina is so much better than brit then why has she always played second fiddle to britney? why can’t she compete with her sales-wise or popularity-wise? brit has always been the people’s choice as the # 1 pop princess, not christina! besides being FAR more popular, britney has always been the sexier one, the one with charisma, the phenominal performer and the one that creates a bigger buzz. and i think it’s funny how you talk about brit’s music being a “fad” but she just got a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD! here we are 13 years after britney came out and she’s STILL selling out arenas and churning out # 1 hit songs and records. (her circus and femme fatale tours were both a huge success) while christina’s latest album bionoc was a big fat flop and she also had to cancel her tour for low ticket sales! LOL even brit’s personal problems didn’t take away from the fact that the world loves her! britney spears is the madonna of this era-christina just simply can’t compete! sure she has a nice voice, but britney has the whole package which is why she’s remained on top for the whole 13 years she’s been out! this article was written in 2004 and i’m sure the person who wrote it had no idea that brit would still be dominating over a decade later while poor christina has been criticized for her excessive weight gain, messing up the words to the national anthem, her flop album and her copycatting of lady gaga. (i guess she finally realized that she just couldn’t compete with britney like she tried so desperately to during her “dirrty” phase so she moved on to lady gaga and once again, she failed )

  2. Ulpiani Bedia says:

    Lol what just happened… This might be the worst site existing.

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