It’s Demi Lovato’s Duty To Defend Her Booty

is hitting back at those making critical comments about her weight in messages on her Twitter (@ddlovato) earlier today. The ‘Sonny with a Chance’ star writes:

Since when did having a 22 inch waist mean your fat? Just curious..

It shouldn’t. What is wrong with some people? They’re the prime reason why our society’s views on weight have become so messed up.

I’m sorry I’ve got a booty. :)

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5 thoughts on “It’s Demi Lovato’s Duty To Defend Her Booty

  1. Drew says:

    Leave the skinny girls alone, Abuse the fat ones, overweight people are greedy.

  2. i slept with my pyjamas says:

    she’s dumb she has no booty! My booty is way bigger than hers! Kinda think of it she has no curves she as flat as a ruler! Demi you have no booty & no boobs! So put a sock in it! My waist is 27.5 ! How is that for a booty! So she’s pretty much curveless!

  3. toney18 says:

    I will give Demi a booty by long stroking that ass

  4. Chris K says:

    Demi Lovato , has a plump juicy booty an thick luscious thighs an I LOVE IT !!! < Demi , is the TOTAL PACKAGE !!! It doesn’t get any better than Demi Lovato !! She looks incredible !! ( DEMI LOVATO , PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO DUMB PEOPLE !! YOU ARE A 10+ AN A LOT ALOT A LOT ALOT MORE MORE !!! ) I do not like SKINNY Chicks with NO Booty an No Thighs , it looks sick !! Demi , is around 17yrs old I think ………I CANNOT WAIT TIL SHE TURNS 21 yrs , she is going to be one of the sexiest women ever !!! PS. Right now Demi Lovato , is mouthwatering with her PLUMP JUICY BOOTY AN THICK THIGHS ALSO , You got it Demi so FLAUNT IT OK !!! Chris K. your # 1 FAN 4 life !!

  5. Steve says:

    @Isleptwithmypyjamas: She Does To Have a Booty I Don’t Know If You Have Seen Recent Pictures Of Her At The Beach In A Black Bikini And The Ones Of Her In A Blue Bikini But That Young Lady Does Have A Big Booty and Personally Why Do You Care So Much If She Said She Had A Big Butt? Why Do You Feel Like You Need To Say That Yours Is Bigger I Mean If Anything You Should Be Agreeing With Her She’s Saying That She Is Not Fat Just Has A Big Butt I Think Your A Little Insecure About Yourself…Anyway Demi Your A Beautiful Young Lady Keep Up the success:)

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