‘It’s Getting Worse’ By Laura Imbruglia Featured In MTV iTunes Ad

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lauraimbruglia) on Wednesday (September 3) with the following message:

Hey gang,

Sh**, I haven’t blogged in a gazillion years. Tax return has been really tricky to work out this year, I blame that, and the rising cost of fuel for my lack of blogness. Sorry.

So, my news is this-

MTV have chosen my song “It’s Getting Worse” to use on an upcoming ad to promote MTV on iTunes. Now, this isn’t normally the sort of thing I’d go telling everyone, but I’m not credited on the ad, so I figure, if some curious person saw the ad, liked the song and Googled “MTV on iTunes ad song”, they might reach this blog and discover it is my tune.

And then they’ll go download it for free. Bastards.

So keep yr eye out on MTV over the coming months, you may hear a mashed up version of the song. Who would’ve thought a bitter love song could be transformed into advertising gold? Not I, but I am happy all the same.

Love, Laura x

Watch Laura performing the song while walking through the Brunnenmarkt in Vienna, Austria back in February below.

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