It’s Obvious ‘Confessions’ Is Phenomenal!

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As a devout Madonna fan I want to express an absolute astonishment on the pace of achievement of her latest CD Confessions On A Dance Floor. Only one single (Hung Up) has been released so far and the album has already sold an estimated 5.5 million copies and shipped over 6.5 million worldwide! In only 2 months after Madonna released her latest album she has already been recognized for her work around the world.

NRJ France awarded her Best International Female Artist beating the likes of Mariah Carey whose album has already spawned 5 singles. Virgin Music U.K. awarded her Best Artist & Best Single for Hung Up. She also won the Best International Album award in Sweden (Rockbear Award). Madonna has also recently been the oldest person nominated for a Brit Pop Act award. Remember that all of these acclaim has come from an album that is literally still in its infancy! Of course ‘Confessions’ wasn’t nominated for a Grammy because it didn’t reach the cut-off for album nominations until September 30 only.

Calling Madonna’s album a success is so conservative-It’s actually fitter to call it phenomenal. In Europe alone ‘Confessions’ has already surpassed 3 million in sales & it hit No.1 there on 5 occasions already. Even in a predominantly R & B country like the U.S. the album has been a success with shipments of over 1.6 million copies-& this is for a pure disco album I may say.

The single Hung Up has already been No.1 in the United World Charts for 10 weeks already & it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The single has also been No.1 in the World Track Sales Chart for a 7th week now with sales amounting to more than 3 million copies. Hung Up is still so big internationally that Warner Brothers has decided to postpone the release of ‘Sorry’ until late February. ‘Confessions’ is also so critically acclaimed (by award-giving bodies & critics alike) that her record company has decided to release no less than 5 singles worldwide!

Madonna’s latest album has actually the potential to be her biggest record ever! Confessions On A Dance Floor has topped more countries (39) than her biggest album ‘True Blue’ (28) & her last success ‘Music’ (26). Her debut single Hung Up has also been No.1 in more countries (39) than any of her single releases ever. The initial performance of her latest album is her best ever (no doubt) but it would only be her biggest selling album if subsequent singles would do as well internationally.

To put things into perspective Madonna has returned to her prime with a vengeance! Whether her album ends up selling 15 million or 25 million globally doesn’t matter already. What matters is that the “Queen of Pop” is once again on top of the world-unchallenged & unfazed in her throne for over 22 years now & counting!

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