Jack Black Says The Kiss Was VMA Highlight

Tenacious D singer Jack Black tells Launch.com his favorite moment of the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday night was the opening number when planted a kiss on and Christina Aguilera. “Britney, Madonna–that was the hot one,” Black said. “And if you notice, when she turned to kiss the other chick, not as much tongue–afraid of the skanky sores on the side of her mouth. I calls ’em like I sees ’em and she was holding back on the kiss on the other chick.”

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12 thoughts on “Jack Black Says The Kiss Was VMA Highlight

  1. babet says:

    ok that was rude. that other “chick” is CHRISTINA! everybody knows that. and I thought that’s kinda mean. him AND the Michael Jackson mockery was just not funny.

  2. Gimmeabreak says:

    hahaha… that’s messed up…funny…but messed up…hahaha…

  3. EastCoastin says:

    What did Britney and Madonna do that was so great? Oh yeah, kiss. The performance pretty much was less than average, kissing a 40 plus falling legend, and dancing around with a yellow snake, will never top her best VMA performance from 2000, she has tried twice, and both attempts, are more cheesy and obvious than her one true star making moment – Oops! 2000. Missy Elliott and Christina Aguilera were the only performers to do a decent job. When they finished with the song singing in chorus, their voices fit together horribly,Britney screaming rather than blending and singing, and then Madonna claims she’s the ‘Queen of Shock’, nothing about the “Divas Gone Wild” performance was rock’n’roll and/or shocking… it was only a matter of time before the shirt-swapping “divas of pop” came together, for years Madonna and Britney have ping-ponged controversy and media attention. It was very awkward the females didn’t even look comfortable together. Christina looked out of place. Was this a coming together of women? Was this a strong girl power moment? Or a horribly over-dramatic, exaggerated showing of just how shock hungry the two women that hate to be in the tabloid are. Because frankly as a woman, it upsets me that talented successful women have to go as low to grinding and kissing to get a few hoots and hollers, would Justin and Jacko do this, would they even have to?Its horrible the double standard, for the openly “dirrty” Aguilera, the performance isn’t even noted. But for the Lolita-image-manipulating-Spears and Madonna, its their next memorable performance. Answer me this? Was it the singing and dancing that made this performance “off the hook”, or the fact that the always overly sexual Spears had a second kiss? …Missy and Christina should’ve saved themselves the hours rehearsing and let Britney and Madonna, keep their self-love-and-love-of-self-promotion, to themselves… MTVs VMA has lost its Rock’N’Roll as artists desperately try to out due and shock, rather than simply be talented,artistic, and creative… Maybe they should put the though they put in the Grammy’s and AMAs, then maybe we’d see performances of caliber and not shock value and stage props. (and no bias, I’m a fan of neither four women, although I do respect what they do and how they make their living)

  4. hotstuff says:

    that performance did exactly what it was suppose to do.

  5. bravegirl says:

    I just loved the performance I was so shocked when I saw it

  6. hellahooked says:

    LOL, that is so funny! I liked that performance, it was hot!

  7. bravegirl says:

    did anyone see the picture when Christina kissed Britney on the lips I saw it on live daily. and another thing did anyone notice how the camera was only showing Eminem 50 cent, vivica fox and Justin it was so disappointing they didn’t even show Britney and Christina sitting together.

  8. jimmypee says:

    “Missy Elliott and Christina Aguilera were the only performers to do a decent job” exactly EastCoastin, exactly. Madonna really went for that kiss with Christina. Christina said on AH how they were practicing a lot but Britney was too scared. that must be why Madonna liked Christina so much more. Britney must be pissed right now, after Christina stole her thunder.

  9. hellahooked says:

    Jim your very stupid and like pathetic… who really gives a ***** who she was more into? Are you jealous about the fact that everyone cares more about Britney & Madonna’s kiss than Xtina’s?? Britney was better than Christina, but Christina was still alright.

  10. BSnews says:

    YES It was the highlight of the night.. Screw the Christina kiss, even though that was hot and that I find Christina majorly hot. The Britney kiss was way more hotter and sexier. Opened mouth.. ya ya ya

  11. perfectly-imperfect says:

    OMG, rotflmao….harsh! He didn’t even know her name, how embarrassing! but you can’t blame him. She’s not a staple in pop culture. And I thought Christina was the ‘brave one’ who wasn’t afraid to kiss Madonna every time? So how did Britney end up getting the open mouth kiss? Britney’s a fearless performer. And I see that the Christina fans are pissed again and are having to resort to name calling and twisting things around to make themselves feel better. But VMA night proved something very clear–The media obsession and public interest in Britney Spears, not to mention her amazing performance skills, will forever overshadow Christina. Even Madonna prefers her, which is why she wouldn’t perform unless Britney joined her. Christina was really just a filler for J.lo. So I can see why some of you would be upset. Truth hurts. : x

  12. RedBeast says:

    uh if you go to MTV.com, they’re having a survey that asks “did Britney top herself again this year at the 2003 VMA’s?” and they give choices of the her performances and people say which one topped what basically, and the majority (71%) chose Britney’s and Madonna’s kiss, which means yes Britney topped herself. so you need to calm down dude.

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