Jackie Collins: Diddy And Jennifer Lopez Will Reunite

Best selling author Jackie Collins tells Victoria Gotti of Star magazine she doesn’t believe and Ben Affleck will marry, and instead will return to her Bad Boy Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs. “I see J.Lo with P. Diddy, no one else,” she revealed. Collins cites the fact that Puffy was largely responsible for “molding Jennifer’s career.” She added, “Jennifer will find her way back to where her heart really is and always was: Diddy.”

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4 thoughts on “Jackie Collins: Diddy And Jennifer Lopez Will Reunite

  1. jlofan says:

    I agree with her,for a little while I thought that Ben was right for her but it looks like he’s not really in love with her,I think P.diddy and her were right for each other but they both have someone they love but I still think they were right for each other.

  2. Carrie says:

    It was definitely true love between Jen & Puffy but I don’t think Puffy is right for her either. Puffy is a partier & womanizer and after all these years and saying he’s trying to be a good boyfriend to Kim Porter, he’s still playing her dirty. He can’t keep it in his pants. The perfect man for J Lo is someone like Chris Judd who offered her stability but she needs to be in love. She wasn’t in love with Chris as evidenced of how easy she fell for Ben. J Lo has a pattern with men that she needs to BREAK- it’s poor man, rich BAD boy, poor man, rich BAD boy, etc. She needs a rich GOOD boy this time. Maybe someone like her costar Ralph Fiennes. If she ends up with Puffy again it will not be for too long. Eventually he’ll go back to womanizing with his entourage and she’ll dump him.

  3. OohSexxy says:

    Carrie in some ways you’re right but also wrong. You need to get the facts right J.ho said she thought P. Diddy was cheating on her but she had no evidence. And yes I do think those two were right for each other and that she left him because she thought he was going to ruin her career when in fact he helped her career. I think they have unfinished business. It’s funny how Ben did cheat on her and she’s still with him…hmmm…No matter how much he swears on his future kids and Howard Strern’s dead mother ,HE CHEATED.I really don’t think Ben loves her the way she does she just looks like a fool to me their both fools in fact, it’s just a matter of time before these two break up because once one of them gets a movie roll with someone that is attractive and also single someone is gonna CHEAT they both have it in them.

  4. Carrie says:

    Very true. Personally if they don’t end this bull***** soon, Ben will leave her. He sounds totally fed up and ready for something new. My guess why he didn’t marry her – Doors open with Jennifer Garner. He’s torn between J Lo & Jennifer Garner (Garner & him probably had a fling while filming Daredevil which left her out of love with Scott Foley. She doesn’t love Michael – she’s already out canoodling with her director from 13 going on 30) – He has unfinished bus. with Britney Spears (Old fling right before J Lo that ended the Timberlake relationship). The Brit is left empty handed without Timberlake or Affleck, Now all she does is pine for a guy and constantly hints at a romance with a dream guy and marrying this dream guy in 5 years. hmm) – He has an identity crisis. He’s not sure whether he’s straight or gay. I would bet tons of money on this. I could bet this is all true.

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