Jacko And Lisa Marie Had Sex For A While

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue last night, “In a recent interview, said that when she was married to Michael Jackson, they did have sex ‘for a while.’ That’s what she said. They had sex ‘for a while’ is what she said. Yeah, Lisa Marie says they stopped ’cause michael kept yelling out the name ‘Webster’.”

Jacko Didn’t Just Become A White Guy

March 28, 2003 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue last night, “Hey, did you see the latest issue of Rolling Stone? gives an interview there. And she says when she first married Michael Jackson, he drank, he cursed, he told dirty jokes and he didn’t always talk in a high voice. That’s hard to believe, isn’t it? walking around with a dirty t-shirt, drinking, cursing. So, apparently he didn’t just become a white guy, he became a redneck!”

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23 thoughts on “Jacko And Lisa Marie Had Sex For A While

  1. Kim says:

    Well my understanding is that “she” was the one to cut off the intimacy with Michael because she didn’t want to get pregnant with his baby. She claimed at the time that she suspected the marriage was in trouble, but it sounded more like she didn’t want to share a child with him.

    Honestly, I speculate that maybe more specifically she didn’t want to bear a half black child. Michael adored her and really wanted a family with her.

  2. Tanya says:

    Yes I’m inclined to agree. That is probably the single most hurtful thing you could do to your husband to whom you profess to love; refuse to have HIS children especially when you have two other children from a previous marriage. And it was even more cruel when LMP crowed in the Diane Sawyer interview she did WITH Michael that MJ was wonderful with her kids and all kids in general and they would be starting a family together imminently! But in the same interview LMP actually looked embarrassed and angry to be sitting next to Michael, let alone be married to him! I’m sorry but W.T.F! Id say LMP was giving extreme mixed messages and one could argue that she was manipulating him!

  3. Deborah says:

    B.S. she didn’t want to get pregnant. That’s why.

  4. lightflash says:

    do you want to know why she didn’t want to get pregnant?? Well think if she’s got a child together (and you know MJ loves kids very much) and they where divorced … Do you think that he do it the same way as with Debbie?? (I don’t know) but LMP did and she was scared that she never see the kid again or something if you don’t believe me type Michael Jackson about Lisa Marie in Google and choose the one where they say something about his sexuality *sorry if my English is not well but I’m from Europe

  5. Astris says:

    She didn’t want the kids. The custody battle was an excuse. She just didn’t have to lie about it.

  6. indi says:

    i think that she didn’t wanna have kids with him because maybe she thought like I did which was that MJ wasn’t the kind of person that you do that with and she was probably scared. I know that I would be too!

  7. amanda says:

    @ indi: ‘Michael wasn’t the type of person to have kids w/?!?!?’… um the whore has been engaged 5 times, married 4 & divorced 3 times already & ur saying MJ isn’t the one to have kids w/?!?!?LMFAO!!! please I would never wanna have kids with that whore! I feel bad for her kids she has now, they have to grow up & watch their mother be such a whore… that’s not a good example she’s making 4 her children. she’s not a strong women at all. she doesn’t even work she just lives off daddy’s money & gets married & divorced just like her mother did ‘like mother, like daughter!’ now she’s setting the same example 4 her kids.
    MJ was the best father in the world, he always put his kids 1st he wasn’t busy trying to find his ‘soulmate’ like LMP was always trying to do MJ knew his true soulmates were his children & that’s all he needed. & after MJ & her divorced she begged MJ to take her back, she followed him all around the world (w/ her kids) like a desperate whore & wrote him all these ‘begging letters’ saying she’ll give him 9 kids & do whatever he wants but MJ said he was done with her & she had already died in his heart. hmm…. I WONDER WHY!!!… I think MJ got the hint & realized what a desperate whore she really was & decided to stick with his nurse wife Debbie Rowe & rejected the king of rocks daughter ON HER MANY ATTEMPS! LOL!!!!

  8. Astris says:

    I think she followed him to get back at Debbie Rowe.
    Since she probably tried to seduce him and may have, she could have had his kids so why didn’t she? She didn’t want them.
    I think something happened very early in the marriage that put him off. By the time he realized what he’d gotten himself into he knew she was not the mother he wanted his children to have.
    He said that he didn’t want his kids spoiled and he didn’t give them everything they wanted because they were Michael Jackson’s kids.
    I think he saw the handwriting on the wall. No she is NOT an example. But her kids seem alright all things considered. They have spent a lot of time with their father.
    He did himself a favor by having them with Debbie.

  9. asmita pal says:

    Lisa didn’t want kids. it was selfish of her. if MJ could love her kids, why couldn’t she love her and Michael’s. it’s not like they are MJ’s kids alone. they are both of theirs. she just couldn’t do it. I don’t blame her. it is just that she was scared. she was young. so she was scared. she might have changed her mind now. you know?

  10. tara says:

    asmita pal: she changed her mind soon after the divorce about the kids. he said that in his interview with rabbi smhuly that he did in 99-01, it was a private recorded interview that MJ did with this guy that he leaks out after MJ dies to make a book out of it (the Michael Jackson tapes book).
    as soon as MJ got with Debbie LMP started stalking him & would write him ‘begging letters’ about how she’ll do anything for him to leave Debbie and take her back & that she’d give him as many kids as he wanted ect. but MJ said in his own words that he ‘closed his heart for her’. he chose to stay married to Debbie and have kids with her instead of giving LMP another chance but of course I find it hilarious that some people really say that LMP was his ‘true love’ and Debbie was just a ‘surrogate’.wow if Debbie really meant nothing to him & he was still ‘so much in love’ with LMP why wouldn’t he take her back then when she begged & begged instead he chose to stay married to his ‘surrogate wife’, when you truly r in love with someone you’ll do ANYTHING to be with them and you’d be able to work through anything. Debbie might have not want nothing to do with the kids (& I’m sure MJ knew that) but she meant a lot to MJ. she wasn’t just someone who came along cause he was desperate for kids he had already been friends with her for 15yrs. LMP was the 1 who just came along. he stopped loving LMP but she was still obsessed with him until the day he died. she would follow him all over the world, & even would stalk his mom then he finally gave her the boot & when it was time for her to promote her album who does she choose in every single interview to sh** talk about??? oh but then of course hours after he dies she magically has a ‘change of heart’ just like she magically had a ‘change of heart after the were divorced about wanting his kids… yeah seems like it always works out that way.

  11. asmita pal says:

    Lisa was the Michael’s girl. she was, is and forever will be. I just don’t know why they can’t see that yet. I hope they will. sometime soon.

  12. amanda says:

    asmita pal: no, I’m sorry but MJ didn’t want LMP no more, he said so himself that he closed his heart for her, that marriage ended back in 1996 this is the year 2010 sweetheart & MJ passed last yr. in 2009. LMP still begged him to take her back after their divorce but he stopped loving her. if he wanted her back he would’ve took her back… he didn’t he moved on but LMP was still VERY obsessed with MJ. MJ had other women in his life before & after LMP that he has said were ‘the loves of his life’ MJ never mentioned LMP as 1 of them. I’m sorry it didn’t work out but they weren’t meant to be & he did not want her no more… that life!

  13. Astris says:

    You’re right she was never the love of his life. Michael named some of them Brooke, Liz, Diana Ross, Tatum, but not LM. As for Katherine she is a mother, and Debbie was invited to both the memorial and the private funeral. The one who should have stayed away was LM, but then she’s friends with Janet who as we have found out didn’t really know MJ at all.
    Here’s the truth had she really wanted kids she would have gotten pregnant and even if he made the mistake of sleeping with her. He knew he didn’t want her back. I love Michael with all my heart, I always will, but I think he allowed her to do it to teach her a lesson. To know what it means to be told something knowing you have no intention of giving it.
    She felt used? Used for what. She had no respect for the man or his marriage or kids. She paid him back by stated they were artificially inseminated when MJ and Debbie said they were conceived the old fashioned way. Hell, he had a wife and he got laid by his wife. Why would he trust a lab when he could do it himself? Paris is maned after the country because that’s where she was conceived.
    What’s happening here is people confuse love and obsession. She was obsess only because once he called time he meant it. Had she not decided to run after him and he took her up, the thrill of the chase would have worn off. She had egg on her face and instead of respecting the man’s marriage she behaved like a Lolita.
    Michael went home and made love to his wife, had kids with her and LM after failing to get hubby #1 back and having other relationships was left out in the cold by her own doing. I heard she locked swords with Liz Taylor she should have known better. Michael was Liz’s baby. LM has a very dark side that will dearly cost her if she doesn’t stop the madness. She needs to be a wife to Lockwood and his kids like she was before. I’m tired of her using MJ, but she’s stepped it up a notch now she’s using his fans.

  14. Astris says:


    You need to see this for what it is. Neither loved each other. Michael moved on and never looked back. LM was obsessed because he didn’t want her. That’s not love. Research it dear. it’s the rich girl throwing tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants.

  15. angela says:

    @ asmita:

    “if MJ could love her kids, why couldn’t she love her and Michael’s.”
    “Lisa was the Michael’s girl. she was, is and forever will be”

    –lmp & MJ didn’t have any kids together. he had kids with Debbie Rowe. & no LMP wasn’t MJs girl or forever was, they were divorced back in 96 & were only married for 18months, do you even know what year it is or even know anything about that couple??? lol!

  16. Cindy says:


    Some people want to drown themselves in this fantasy. It was ill fated and while they loved each other, it was not enough or strong enough to work. And both moved on.
    LM is regretful a bit, but she has been called out on her behavior she is trying to save face. She has a record and she sees this as an advancement.

  17. Astris says:

    LM is not Michael’s both moved on. The resentment is because he didn’t chase her. He had the last say and that was a problem for a spoiled woman who was not accustomed to being told no.

  18. Astris says:

    LM was not afraid of losing the kids. This was a lie she told for not wanting his. Read her interviews. In one she said “I got out of that one” regarding children.
    People were gossiping about it and she had to think something up. I’m glad she admitted the truth.

  19. Acai says:

    I agree with most of the posts. I do believe Lisa promised Michael children in the beginning just to get him to marry her. She wanted out from under Priscilla’s claws and Michael was her opportunity. And she figured she could kill 2 birds with one stone by having Michael help her giant step over everyone and get that recording deal she craved. I don’t think she ever intended to get pregnant. It was written that Michael became disappointed when Lisa wasn’t expecting after constant attempts by him to get her pregnant. I think at that point he probably realized she was doing something to impede it, so he cooled in his promise to help her in the music business. Lisa said herself in one of her many MJ bashing interviews, everything was great for the first 7 or 8 months of the marriage. You don’t have to be a genius to see Michael had faced the fact that Lisa wasn’t going to have his kids. At this time I think their intimacy cooled, which made Lisa unhappy. Michael, after begging his wife for many more months to give him a child, chose to go outside the marriage and explore his options. Debbie offered to give him what he desperately wanted. Michael went to Lisa to give her one more chance to keep her promise. When she refused and then gave her blessing for him to get someone else pregnant, I think that showed Michael his wife really didn’t love him for him. I also think this is around the time when Lisa complained Michael took off for 6 weeks without letting her know where he was. He was trying to start the baby making process, because J. Randy Taraborrelli said Debbie had a miscarriage before she conceived Prince. After their divorce, Lisa realized she was still obsessed with Michael and thought she would use her kids to lure him back. Sure he invited her to South Africa on the second leg of his tour, and I think he saw that as an opportunity to reconcile, but somewhere along line things went sour again. Lisa continued to chase him for a while. I remember reading in the Rabbi’s book, where Michael said he didn’t like it when women chased him. There would be obsessed girls who he became friendly with, who would follow him around the world just to be near him. I don’t know if Lisa fell in that category, but it did creep him out a bit. I think he liked to be the chaser. When it comes to Lisa, she likes to tell us about Mike’s short comings and problems, but she always refuses to tell us what finally broke them up. She only says, things got really bad at the end and she doesn’t want to go into the details. Translation: It was her fault and maybe her family was also involved. Priscilla never liked Mike. She probably filled Lisa’s head with a lot of crap to cause a rift between them. Now they both want to pretend they cared so much for him and are devastated he’s gone. Bull! This is another opportunity to use him to make money by somehow connecting the past to the present. Like Astris said, Lisa stated in her blog that she was indifferent towards Michael up until he died. That tells me they were not friends as she and her mother said after he was gone. This is just their way of capitalizing on his death. I guess Elvis’ money isn’t enough for them.

  20. Acai says:

    Oh, and one last thing.
    I wish these tabloid sites and
    those tabloid magazines, would

  21. Astris says:

    MJ said that they talked in detailed before the marriage about kids. I think had she told him the truth there would have been no marriage and she knew that. She never intended too.
    Plus, MJ had a very close friendship with Debbie and would tell her everything. After the divorce LM tried to get her 1st husband Danny back and he wasn’t interested. She was also upset that MJ was happy and moved on so she wanted to level it with Debbie by chasing MJ. Also, she was close to Janet who helped her which was not cool at all. I think Joe and Kate invited her to Africa, but it didn’t work at all. She dated other men also and MJ wasn’t moved. He was through, but being as she always got what she wanted, she felt she could change him. He may have seen the scheme for what it was. Once he came back she would have dumped him. LM wanted the last word.
    I had forgotten that Michael said he didn’t like women to chase him. He also said that he “closed his heart to the whole thing” LM was out!
    Also, if you go to you tube Debbie did say herself that she lost their first baby to miscarriage and was devastated and Michael was there the whole time to comfort her and encourage her. And the person ask did you start right in and she smiled and said “oh yeah”, then here comes Michael, Jr.
    Yes, it was really messy because maybe he comforted her about her lies and called time on the marriage. While her mom didn’t like MJ, LM knew how to use PP to make herself look innocent when she is as big a user as they come. There was a letter he wrote in which he said he was basically sick of the lot of them.
    Yes, she said months before he passed they had not spoken in years. In her blog it is clear. Someone who is on friendly terms does not write now all my anger has gone. PLEASE! She is using the fans to save herself. I put up with it when Michael was alive and looked the other way. I;m not going to now. He deserves better. If the fans sit back for this something worst will happen.
    About money, she does have an album coming out and needs to sell it. She also has some other mess going.

  22. Cynthia says:

    I wonder how she felt when she heard those tapes? It probably axed anything she planned to use to pull the cover the public’s eyes.
    I agree Lisa lied she never wanted kids and I think had he known that he never would have married her. He was also riling from those false accusation and felt that he could have some sort of life. But it went very sour quickly.
    He did the right thing by leaving that relationship in the dust.
    Michael allowed her to make a fool of herself. But LM thought that because she wanted something it should happen.

  23. mjzgurl says:

    after reading the last and next to the last comments about LMP and MJ.. Michael chose LMP… and he got her, but the only thing he wound up with was an empty schell… no HEART or LOVE there for him… unfortunately this happens to us when we.. choose by looks and not by the HEART… LMP was taking BIRTH CONTROL. PILLS.. and she never intended to give MICHAEL ANY CHILDREN,, what a CRUEL BITCH she is ,, and No SHE will never be happy
    ,, I often wonder what would their life had been like they had stayed Married,, but they didn’t ,, I believe that Michael loved LMP,, but she didn’t love him,,not the way he needed to be LOVED.. for the person he was… It’s a shame that Michael and Debbie didn’t give their marriage a try,,, their children are beautiful… and they could have if they had a beautiful marriage..

    I don’t dislike Debbie Rowe.. at some point she realized that she really loved Michael and should had stayed with him… and their children in stead of selling out for the almighty DOLLAR.. such a loss for all…. Michael like all men just needed to be LOVED .. he was a hard working man..and was good at his craft.. very gifted , he just need the RIGHT WOMAN to stand by his side ,, and be there… he needed the right helpmate for him…

    When I think about MICHAEL,, I think about the song ‘ LADY IN MY LIFE” and what his life would have been like had he found the right woman for him.. who was independent , yet dependent on him for his affection and love and admiration… but yet independent of him to be able to be married to an ICON,, MEGA STAR.. and not feel inferior, but yet apart of his life in every way.. with out feeling left out.. That in it’s self would require some kind of woman.. and not feel like she was less… or have to compete with her mega star husband.. That would be something to see..

    I’m glad that Michael had children with Debbie. I hope someday she can have some kind of relationship with her children. I believe that MICHAEL himself would want that..after all she is their mother.. and I believe that people change for the better. With age come’s wisdom, and maybe with all that has happened , just maybe THEIR IS A PLACE IN THEIR H.E.A.R.T.S for each other.. #mjtimeline

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