Jacko Covers Kids In Spider-Man Masks

News of the World had photos, since removed, of covering up his children in Spiderman masks as he escorted them around a Sharper Image store in Santa Monica on Thursday. One onlooker who saw the Jacksons said, “The kids certainly didn’t look comfortable. They were pulling at the masks as if they were hot and stuffy. It seemed quite cruel. The masks were full-face, not the silky surgical mask Jacko had on.”

Jacko Is An Icon

April 19, 2003 – The Las Vegas Weekly spoke with Victoria Ribeiro, the new vice president of marketing for Splash, to ask why the casino still has a impersonator. “Michael Jackson is an icon. Always has been, always will be,” he said. “That’s why Splash continues to present an untarnished image of him. He’s still very popular with the Asian markets, as well. The Asian communities still love Michael Jackson as he was, not as he is, and we believe that we provide a place where he can still maintain his integrity on stage and be represented in the same light as he was in his heyday.”

King Of Baby Drop Sculpture

April 18, 2003 – PopSculptures.com is selling a cast sculpture of Michael Jackson’s infamous hotel balcony incident where he showed off his youngest son in front of a crowd in Germany. The cast sculpture, which is 6″ high X 6″ long X 2″ wide, hand made and painted, sells for $49.95.

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