Jacko Displayed No Scepticism Or Surprise About ‘Award’

Philip Hensher of the Independent weighed in on the MTV Video Music Awards fiasco that had Michael Jackson mistakenly confuse a birthday present with an Artist of the Millenium Award. Henscher said, “And, funny as it is, the weirdness of the episode becomes apparent when you observe that Mr Jackson displayed no kind of skepticism or surprise on hearing that anyone, anywhere, might consider him ‘the Artist of the Millennium’. His demeanor was not that of one about to say ‘Oh, don’t be so ridiculous.’ Perhaps he had envisaged the awards committee lightly passing over Hildegard of Bingen, Bach, Beethoven and Wagner before unanimously deciding that the most deserving candidate was living among us.”

Michael Jackson Reportedly Pursuing Las Vegas Deal

September 4, 2002 – Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review Journal says that speculation is growing each week after Michael’s month-long presence on the Strip, meetings with major headliners and his courtship of at least one casino owner. Seems Jacko is interested in integrating magic with his music with a regular show in Las Vegas, seeking a deal similar to Celine Dion’s mega-deal with Caesars Palace. The story at reviewjournal.com has since been removed.

Jay Leno Jokes About Jacko’s New Baby

September 4, 2002 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday, “Here’s some happy news, Michael Jackson has a new baby boy. No word yet who the father is, but, yes, we have a new baby boy. He just shows up with a kid, ‘ta-da!’ Freaky, isn’t it? Most people, hey, ‘ta-da! This is my son!’ What? What happened? They said the baby has Michael’s nose. This is amazing because even Michael does not have Michael’s nose. How can he have Michael’s nose? Which one? Which eight noses? They still have not identified the mother of the child. They haven’t. Jackson’s publicist said today they do not comment on Michael’s private life because it makes him feel icky. That’s amazing they haven’t identified — remember the old days when the guy would deny being the father? Now women are going,
‘I’m not the mother.'”

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One thought on “Jacko Displayed No Scepticism Or Surprise About ‘Award’

  1. Madison says:

    Obviously he didn’t look surprised. TV set the entire thing up. They told Michael that he would be getting a special award, and then they scripted Brittany’s speech to include the words” Artist of the Millennium”. As you will see when MJ is speaking he has a piece of paper in his hands, obviously notes to remember who he should thank. He would clearly have not taken it with him, if he had not told he was getting an award.
    I think it was a cruel joke to play, and one of the lowest of the low a TV program can actually stoop to. MTV is DISGUSTING. Don’t watch them.
    Please re watch the video and you will see.
    And it’s Mr Jackson to you.

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