Jacko Is Very Wacko If Jack Gordon Is To Be Believed

The New York Post reports LaToya Jackson’s ex-manager/husband Jack Gordon is making shocking allegations against her and brother Michael Jackson in a book titled ‘The Jackson Family: The True Story of the Most Powerful Family in the Music Industry’, which Gordon is having problems finding a publisher for. Amongst the claims against Jacko are that he abused his pet chimpanzee, Bubbles, that he paid former wives Debbie Rowe and money to marry him, that Jackson injected himself with “some kind of fluid” that whitened his skin, and that he saw a monkey set ablaze as part of a voodoo ritual in the backyard of the Jackson compound in Encino in 1986.

Michael Jackson To Start New Record Label

October 1, 2002 – Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com has details of Michael Jackson’s new record label, which is a company that changed its name today from ID Medical Group to Opus Media. Friedman looked into ID Medical’s May SEC filing and provided details of company’s finances. Read more, including Roger’s thoughts on only selling 155,000 copies of ‘White Lilies Island’ after selling 2 million on her previous debut, here.

‘What More Can I Give’ Played On NYC’s KTU Sunday

September 30, 2002 – Contributed by Jerseline: New York City pop/dance radio station KTU had announced on Sunday a ‘worldwide exclusive’ and then played an introduction with names as Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, and others. Then they played the much delayed all-star charity song ‘What More Can I Give’. This means either a deal must have been reached between Michael, the ‘porn producer’, the other artists involved, his record label, and the radio station. I heard it twice under the span of two hours Sunday afternoon, sending it in the top ranks of their playlist and requests. Check out the KTU website if want to request the song or see some of Michael’s videos they have to stream at KTU.com

The song sounds great. I loved it, like a ‘We Are The World’ for a new generation, but without that awe behind it. This song may do well if other radio stations get the rights to play the song.

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4 thoughts on “Jacko Is Very Wacko If Jack Gordon Is To Be Believed

  1. kiki says:

    I am really think that Michael Jackson is really getting on my last nerve. I think that he want that So-Called Sept.11 “What more can I give” to become a hit because he want the only one thing………… MONEY.

    And he is such a big hypocrite. He’s been singing songs in the past ten years about you should grateful and don’t take for granted on what aspects you see on earth, that means love people. A few months ago Michael Jackson went up to a protest against Sony, and calling them racist, and expects us to believe him on in.

    That is a bunch is non-sense. Now he want to come up with a single to have a hit. That is a little late for that don’t you think.

    And as for you Michael Jackson you shouldn’t put your eggs in on basket.

  2. celine says:

    Jack Gordon is well-known among MJ fans. This man IS MAD. He was La Toya ex-husband and made her a whore. Now she is not with him anymore and she feels better.

    Of course Michael is bizarre but c’mon, why would he pay Lisa Mary to marry him? The girl has millions, she doesn’t need money! And I’ve never heard about “some kind of fluid”that whiten the skin when you inject yourself with.

    It’s obvious that Jack needs money.

  3. Izzy says:

    Celine, yes, Jack Gordon is well know among MJ fans. Yes, he is nutty and a control freak but he is also one of the more sane people in the Jackson clan. LaToya is and will always be a ho. Her choice. She will do anything for fame and money. The accusations that Jack Gordon has made have been made several times in the past 10 years by other people.

    With respect to Lisa Marie Presley this girls non existent music career is a major force in her life. She has been working on the same album since before her days with MJ.

    As for MJ injecting himself to turn himself white–believe it. He claims to have vertiligo and it’s total bull. Vertiligo causes white patches it doesn’t turn a person completely white like MJ is today.

    Jack Gordon has nothing to lie about. He has all the dirt and more on the Jackson family. They are as strange and freaky as they are made out to be and believe me don’t think they aren’t going to launch a smear campaign against JG to discredit him. JG is a total loser but in the end I think you will be surprised to find out that his book is truthful.

  4. celine says:

    Well, it’s interesting to see that someone can make a comment about MJ without saying “freak!freak!” or “wacko” or “pedophile”.

    Yes Izzy, the Jackson family is powerful and very bizarre but i can’t believe any word coming from Jack Gordon mouth. He has beaten LaToya on many occasions and he even went to prison.

    As for MJ, he is so mysterious, i think we will never know who he is really.

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