Jacko, Mariah, And Britney Mocked In Cheez Doodles Awards

Michael Jackson was mentioned in Atlanta Journal-Constitution pop culture critic Phil Kloer’s ‘2001 Cheez Doodles Awards’ in the category ‘The working title was ‘Inconsequential”, with the writer saying, “Michael Jackson threw himself a bizarre, glitch-plagued tribute at Madison Square Garden to launch his comeback album, ‘Invincible.’ It debuted at No. 1, then immediately started plummeting down the charts.” And in the category of ‘Two words: ‘shut’ and ‘up” he mentioned, “‘I’m writing almost every song on it.’ – on her latest CD, ‘Britney,’ on which she co-wrote five of the 13 songs.” Finally, for ‘Least anticipated 2002 headline’, Kloer cracks, “ Starts Production on ‘Glitter 2.'”

Eve Adds To Jacko Single’s Success

December 28, 2001 – Launch reports Eve’s appearance on a remix version of Michael Jackson’s latest song, “Butterflies” is causing the tune to get heavy airplay. The special version of the single will be included on the “Butterflies” maxisingle, which will be released on January 15.

Britney Spears’ Performance With Jacko To

December 27, 2001 – Entertainment Tonight reports the Michael Jackson and Britney Spears duet of ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ will finally be seen as CBS will re-air the ’30th Anniversary Celebration’ on January 9. Inexplicably, ET tries to say “it was cut before the original airing in November due to time constraints.” Yeah right, like CBS would cut that portion out, the true reason was contractual snags with HBO that didn’t allow her to be on another special within so many days of her own, and the Jacko special fell within that gap.

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