Jacko Tried To Flee… Wrote Explicit Poems To Alleged Victim

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TAKE ME TO SOUTH AMERICA: PAPER: Unhinged went into mid-air meltdown and tried to flee America as he flew home to be arrested and handcuffed… Developing…

THE ‘LOVE’ LETTERS TO ‘RUBBA’ THAT MAY DESTROY JACKSON: PAPER: Explicit letters and poems said to have been written by to his alleged victim will form the centerpiece of the sex abuse case against him… Developing…

Jacko Finds No Support From Liz Or Liza

November 22, 2003 – The Sun reports that while Liz Taylor and Liza Minnelli publicly supported when he was accused of molesting Jordy Chandler ten years ago, they pointedly refused to back him after these latest charges. A spokesman for 71-year-old Liz said, “Miss Taylor will have no comment.” But a pal confided: “She’s just heartsick. This time Liz will not be defending Michael.” And a friend of Liza, 57, said, “Her faith in Michael has been badly shaken. She’s starting to wonder whether maybe everything that has been said about him is true.” Read more.

Jacko Butt Of Jokes At Big In ’03 Awards

November 22, 2003 – At the VH1 Big in ’03 Awards, hours after the star was led off in handcuffs to face child abuse charges, Jacko was the butt of every joke. Host DL Hughley joked, “Michael should have been told when you invite kids over to Neverland on the make-a-dream-come-true visit, you are meant to make the kids’ dreams come true not yours.” Later, a picture of Jackson and his pet chimpanzee Bubbles was flashed up on a giant screen. Hughly said, “I can’t tell you what is going on with him, but I do know that he bought Bubbles a big purple diamond, ” referring to the ring that LA Laker’s star Kobe Bryant gave to his wife after he publicly admitted adultery.

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