Jacko’s Accuser Shown Accidentally On NBC Nightly News

The New York Post reports NBC Nightly News showed the face of ’s accuser on Thursday night as correspondent Jim Avila reported on the child molestation indictment. The network intended to pixelate the cancer kid’s features in footage from Martin Bashir’s BBC documentary. “When the spot went to air, we instantly recognized that we made an editing error and corrected it immediately for the remaining five ‘Nightly News’ feeds,” a spokeswoman said. “We regret the mistake.”

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10 thoughts on “Jacko’s Accuser Shown Accidentally On NBC Nightly News

  1. Stormy212 says:

    um…so what? they’ve shown his face before,on the special they had for michael

  2. Justincaseyestwo says:

    Well, shame on NBC Nightly News. They should know better than to make a mistake like that. I mean, except for the millions of people who saw the special, NOBODY knows who the boy is. DUHHHHHH!!!!! EVERYONE knows who the kid is. They didn’t show anything that just about everyone hasn’t seen.

  3. MissE119 says:

    ummm…i didn’t watch NBC Nightly News and I can tell ya what the kid looked like and his name…..its kinda hard to forget an interview like that….does anyone really not know who the kid is??? if so, they are…….slow…

  4. Hotstar says:

    What is the big deal, this kids photo and name was all over the net after these accusations came out, especially in the press outside of the US. Either way sh-t happens and there is no way his identity was going to stay hidden, not to mention the fact that he was in that MJ documentary earlier this year

  5. Jive says:

    I knew it all along that it was him. It’s obvious that this kid is up for money. I don’t believe in child molestation, but in the documentary he was holding Michael Jackson’s hands. I believe he’s of Spanish decent.

  6. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    …You don’t believe in child molestation? Or the charges? Now, I’m not saying he’s innocent or guilty, BUT: Michael could have gained his trust by then, and abused him later, or the kid could have just trusted him even though he had already been abused. That’s very common.

  7. Jive says:

    I meant Child molestation is wrong. What you said is true. But Michael is a target and it’s easy to believe he would do such a thing, but I still think he is innocent.

  8. JnChrisFan1 says:

    Everybody knows what the damn kid looks like….and I don’t believe that Micheal molested him one bit….yall saw the special he was doin and the boy was joking around with him and they were havin a good ol time and he was sticken up for him (Micheal) about children sleeping in his bed while Micheal slept on the floor, so I was shocked when I found out that it was that boy that was accusing him.

  9. Izzy says:

    15 million people already saw the kid holding hands and professing his love for Michael in the Martin Bashir documentary.

  10. FuturePast says:

    And a sick child from an underprivileged and possible abusive home is also a target for molestation. almost much more than a healthy or well adjusted child who would not be as likely to say no or resists improper touching. And studies show this. Fans have a bd cae of blaming the victim (or potential victim).

    Oh yeah professing love for someone is a sure sign the kid wasn’t molested. It’s not likely for victims of abuse to love their abuser. I mean look at all the women who are beaten that say their husbands are wonderful and stay with them make excuses and then end up dead for trying to leave them. Please professing love for an abuser more often than not at some point in the relationship.

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