Jacko’s Baby Dangle Was A Flashback Says Jermaine

The Scottish Daily Record reports Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine claims Jacko’s dangling of his baby over the railing at a hotel brought back childhood memories. “Michael did that with his teddy when he was a kid,” he revealed. “He must have had a flashback. He wouldn’t harm Michael II.”

Who Nose The Dangled Web Weaves

November 25, 2002 – Seattle Post-Intelligencer writer D. Parvaz played the role of Michael to write the singer’s diary entries for November 15-21. His Tuesday entry: “They seemed to love it when I waved at them, but they went nuts when I took what’s-his-name, the smallest kid, out on the balcony with me. Started daydreaming about living in another galaxy — I was king and Diana Ross was queen. Our planet, which was at the center of galaxy, was populated by chimps and intergalactic musical Munchkins. Came to and found myself dangling the little one over the railing.” The full story at seattlepi.com has since been removed.

Uri Gellar Insists Jacko’s Nose Isn’t A Prosthesis

November 25, 2002 – Michael Jackson’s pal Uri Gellar denies claims that a makeup artist made claiming Jacko’s entire nose is a prosthesis. “That’s nonsense,” argued Geller. “I’ve seen without makeup – in hotel rooms, coming out of showers and such. He looks fantastic.” Meanwhile, they report Jackson will be doing a mini-tour that will culminating in a live show airing on CBS, paying him millions.

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