Jacko’s Botched Nose Job Called ‘A Monstrosity’

The Sunday People chatted with Harley Street cosmetic surgeon Jan Stanek who examined photos of Micheal Jackson’s nose before he had surgery to repair the “third nostril” which appeared last year. He called the botched cosmetic work “a monstrosity” and warned Jacko will have problems if he ever catches a cold, “He will be unable to blow his nose properly and it will run and run.”

War Of Words Over Jacko’s Unpaid 9.11 Bill

May 23, 2002 – Lloyd Grove of the Washington Post reports ThinkFilm Inc.’s $120,000 dispute with close associates of over unpaid expenses related to Jackson’s charity music video to raise $50 million for 9.11 victims is still going on. ThinkFilm’s Joe Becker shared some nasty e-mails between himself and Jackson’s attorneys. In one of the messages, Becker wrote that Jackson “hijacked a 9/11 charity event for their own purposes. Now, one year later, they are coming back for more.”

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